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Our Top 10 Britney moments to celebrate her 36th birthday

Paris Blanchfield Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

The legendary Britney Spears had her 36th Birthday on the 2nd of December and what better way to celebrate than to list the top ten most iconic moments from her time in the spotlight.

  1. Slave 4 You, 2004 VMAs

We all know that the Queen of Pop has more than her share of list-worthy moments, but naturally we have to start it off with Britney’s 2004 VMAs performance of Slave 4 You. If that doesn’t ring a bell this might help jog your memory; she was accompanied by a massive yellow python. Despite how iconic it was at the time, looking back at the performance now, Britney told Refinery 29 that she regretted the stunt and would never do it again.

    2.  The 2007 Breakdown

Coming in at a close second, we can’t dismiss the most Britney moment of all; her famous 2007 breakdown. The shaved head and umbrella combo has been the basis for a fair amount of halloween costumes and is still talked about to this day, landing itself a well deserved spot at number two.

   3. Making Out With Madonna

Definitely deserving a place in the top three, Britney’s famous kiss with Madonna at the 2003 VMA’s is a classic. Grabbing the attention of her ex boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, in the process, Britney destroys her good girl image and turns a little more provocative.

   4. Judging on X-Factor

We all loved it when Britney landed a spot on the judging panel of the X-Factor US but despite this, Britney’s judging career only lasted one season. Simon Cowell said the star ‘found it [judging] very uncomfortable’ and that he ‘booked someone who couldn’t talk, which is a problem when you want someone to judge.” Regardless, we’re all grateful for the various gifs of Britney pulling faces throughout her time on the show.

   5. The ‘Piece of Me’ Music Video

Number five on the list is Britney’s 2008 VMA Video Of The Year award for her “Piece of Me” music video. “Piece of Me” is an iconic song on it’s own but the video, which shows Britney making fun of paparazzi and tabloids made a very good impression and was a step towards redemption after her 2007 breakdown. 

   6. The 55-Hour Wedding

The 2004 wedding (that was annulled three days later) is another classic Britney moment that definitely deserves its place in the top ten. Renting a lime green limo to take them to ‘A Little White Wedding Chapel’ in Vegas, Britney and her ex, Jason Allan Alexander. Although the wedding only lasted 55 hours, the memory lives on. 

   7. Billboard Cover Girl

Britney gracing the cover of Billboard magazine in 2015 was another important moment in the singers career. The in depth interview covers everything from moving to Los Angeles to what she makes in a year (it’s 15 million, if you were wondering.)

  8. The ‘Baby One More Time’ Video

At number seven on the list, who can forget the “Baby One More Time” music video. With the release of this video, a pop culture icon was born and the schoolgirl outfit / pigtails combo has been reused in various other shows such as Glee. 

   9. The Canadian Tuxedo Look

You were probably waiting for it, the next Britney moment is her iconic denim look with ex boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Its such a classic that it barely needs a description, in this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

    10. The ‘Toxic’ Music Video

Last but not least, Britney’s music video has accumulated a massive 295 million views. It’s not surprising either, the air hostess costumes, the nude embellished bodysuit and the overall plot makes the music video timeless.

Its not hard to see why this diva has earned herself a permanent place in our hearts, with plenty of memorable moments behind her and a massive portfolio of catchy music, it’s almost impossible not to like this birthday girl. 

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