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Hailey Baldwin uses WHAT in her face cream?

Katie Todd Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

From Angelina Jolie’s caviar moisturizer to Victoria Beckham’s dehydrated bird-poo facials it seems that stars will go to any length to achieve flawless skin. But 20-year-old model, Remix cover girl and self-confessed acne-phobe Hailey Baldwin might just take the cake.

She’s revealed a particularly gory ingredient in her daily moisturiser: her own blood.

Hailey told Vogue magazine that she started moisturizing with a blood-infused moisturizer upon visiting her dermatologist Dr Barbara Strum, who is an internationally renowned skin specialist and expert in aesthetic medicine. Dr Strum’s website boasts a range of benefits of endogenous blood therapy – long lasting wrinkle prevention, inside-out moisturisation and thorough revitalization and rejuvenation resulting in fresh, smooth skin. 

Hailey said the blood is drawn from her arm, incubated at body temperature, spun through a special filtering machine and separated into plasma and red blood cells. The plasma is then added to the custom product and applied daily to her face.

Will Hailey’s blood-infused moisturiser become as popular as Kim Kardashian’s famous blood-injection “vampire facials”?


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Time will tell. But for now, ick. 

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