What to get your dad for Christmas

We’ve all been victim of leaving the Christmas pressie buying to the last minute. We get it, it happens. But doing so can really make you a colossal disappointment to your friends and family come Christmas day. You’ve seen the look. You know the look. So to avoid receiving the look we are about to offer you something nothing short of a Xmas miracle, in the form of a gift guide for your old man, you’re welcome.

 huawei mate 20 proheader

Huawei Mate 20 Pro 


JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker 

Paris Limited Edition

Parisian Gourmandise Range by Nespresso 

r 60v front 2x

Rocket R 58 Espresso Machine


Jimmy Choo Man Blue Fragrance 


Men’s Boat Shoes by Timberland 

ni watch sentry chrono all blk all black 1 ni10a386001 1532570075

Nixon Sentry Chrono Watch from North Beach

Capture v22

Folder by Mont Blanc 

vler949d ctrr 01 1532912129

Van Heusen Shirt 

Muhle Razor

Muhle R89 Safety Razor