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Remix magazine is your source for the very latest fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture inspiration from New Zealand and around the globe. Founded in Auckland, New Zealand, Remix is a leading voice for what’s hot in the creative industries, presenting unique editorial content from a dedicated editorial team and growing list of international contributors.

Remix prides itself on original content for a global readership, showcasing conceptually driven photography, in-depth feature articles, hard-hitting interviews and honest reviews. Remix sits alongside some of the world’s most reputed magazine titles in terms of exclusive celebrity covers. Stars such as Anna Paquin, Iggy Azalea, Kylie Jenner, Kate Upton, Rita Ora, Ethan Hawke, Kelly Osbourne, Anna Kendrick, Diplo, Emma Roberts and Nicole Richie have all been photographed exclusively for the cover of Remix magazine…


The Remix print title, which weighs in at over 300 pages per issue, is published quarterly in the months of March, June, September and December. Each print issue of Remix is a quarterly snapshot of the cultural landscape, both worldwide and in New Zealand, designed to sit beautifully on coffee tables for many years to come. Remix is available in leading booksellers throughout New Zealand and at boutique bookstores in Australia, the United States and Europe. Subscriptions and one-off digital issues are available to purchase online here.


Remix online is our readers’ weekly, daily and hourly dose of the latest fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture inspiration. The Remix website, weekly emailer and robust social media channels are designed to keep loyal ‘Remixers’ in the know with what’s hot between each print issue. If it’s cool then chances are you probably saw it on Remix first!


We sure know how to throw a good party… Remix parties are renowned, both locally and internationally, having taken place in venues around the world, with cover stars and celebrities making appearances. We put lots of time and effort into creating unforgettable events, which we then share online here.


Every time a new issue of Remix is released it’s the talk of the town… Click here to see some press clippings about Remix on the world’s biggest news websites.


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