5 beauty treatments you should try this winter

So, you have your autumn skincare arsenal down pat, now you’re looking to go a step further? Then, you’ll need to see a professional. Good news: with the sun taking a hiatus and us officially going into cold weather hibernation, it’s the best time to get your glow on discreetly. Bad news: It’s often a pretty hard task trying to figure out where to start. 

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Fortunately for us all, Caci has our backs in helping prep and prime our skin before summer rolls around the corner again. Remix has chosen five cutting-edge Caci favourites to revive and repair summer-ravaged skin.

Laser Hair Removal 

Although the cold means getting out of bed is that much harder, your grooming routine is a little less admin. Arguably one of the best perks of a winter wardrobe, is being all snuggled up in sweatpants, which means forgoing the hassle of shaving or waxing. It’s the perfect time to start your Laser Hair Removal journey.

To achieve the long-term solution for unwanted hairs, smoother skin and ingrown hair reductions, the secret is in the specialised Diode Laser Caci uses. This special laser is absorbed by the pigment found in the hair shaft and follicle, loosening the hair whilst disabling the cells in forming any future hairs. Voila! Gone are the days of last-minute shaving before hitting the beach. 

It’s best to book in a course of at least eight treatments to achieve optimal results, but rest assured you’ll notice results as early as the second or third treatment. As with any laser treatment, it’s recommended you start this in winter as there’s less risk of sun exposure. Need a little more persuasion? This treatment is perfect for those short on time, you can zip to Caci, get the treatment and be back at your desk all within your lunch break. 


Although summer was fun, our skin may be dealing with a few sun bearing consequences. If skin texture, fine lines or scarring are of your biggest concerns right now, microneedling is the ultimate fix. 

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Caci’s Microneedling treatment, as the name suggests, involves micro-needles at varying lengths penetrating the skin. The skin responds to the needles by stimulating collagen production, producing stronger and firmer skin cells. After a course of treatments, these new and improved skin cells will boost your skin’s appearance, including greater elasticity, tightness and reduced acne scarring. 

Photo Rejuvenation

With window’s frosting over and an increased consumption of hot beverages, our skin deserves some extra TLC through its peak dehydration months. Caci’s Photo Rejuvenation treatment targets just that, using Variable Pulsed Light (VPL), which safely pulses high energy light beams through the skin surface, targeting the unwanted premature ageing of pigmentation in underlying tissue. Once the pigment has been targeted with VPL, it comes to the surface and flakes away - literally, it just falls off. 

This treatment is full of benefits too, including reduced pigmentation, age spots and redness, improved skin texture, tone and overall complexion. There’s really no better time to book in for this treatment than during the winter months. 

Fractional CO2 Laser

For advanced signs of sun damage, a more intensive course of treatments will be your best option. Treating microscopic areas of skin at a time, Fractional CO2 Laser involves concentrated pulses of a fractional carbon dioxide laser penetrating deep into the skin. This creates controlled wounds, triggering the skin’s natural healing process. 


The beauty of this process is the ability to train cells to grow back stronger, firmer and faster, so skin becomes smoother, tighter and more even in tone. Cool, huh? Saying bye to advanced ageing has never been more convenient than during winter, as minimal sun exposure is imperative for the natural healing process to occur successfully. 


The winter woes can rob skin of its glow, leaving it dull and dry. Thankfully, you can achieve glowing skin in half an hour with Caci’s Hydradermabrasion. The Hydradermabrasion treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and stimulates the skin through infusion of an active detox solution, electroporation, suction, and a diamond exfoliating tip. 

hydra dermabrasion

For those who are all about immediate results, you’ll be pleased to learn it delivers instant gratification: fresh, clean and hydrated skin, with no downtime needed. With a myriad of benefits, including clearing congestion, hydration, reducing inflammation and boosting cell turnover, what’s not to love? 


In true self-care form, your skin health needs ongoing love and attention, just like your body loves regular exercise and eating healthy.