5 ways in 5 days: nail your NZFW hair looks with Evo

Veterans of NZ Fashion Week know all too well that when it comes to a killer look, no detail can be overlooked. That statement dress means nothing if you don’t have impressive hair to match! For those who are looking for last-minute inspiration, Remix has you covered.

We’ve teamed up with funky, innovative Evo Hair and our gorgeous Fashion Editor Laura Snelling to create a weeks worth of looks worthy of the biggest and best events of the year! If Evo wasn’t on your radar before, NOW is the time. The products were so easy and fun to use, and truly revolutionised these looks!


Monday: Sleek and Glam

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What you need:

  1. Easy Tiger Smoothing Balm
  2. Headmistress Cuticle Sealer
  3. Love Perpetua Shine Drops

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STEP ONE: Apply a small amount of Easy Tiger Smoothing Balm into the palm of hands, warm in your hands and apply to roots and flyaways.

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STEP TWO: Use your straightener and straighten your full head of hair, apply Headmistress Cuticle Sealer to the ends.

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STEP THREE: find your middle parting, comb your hair back into a pony tail and secure at base of your head with a hair tie. Take a small section of hair from underneath the pony tail to hide hair tie.

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STEP FOUR: Twist this small section of hair around the hair tie and secure with a bobby pin.

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STEP FIVE: Apply Love Perpetua Shine Drops to the pony and a small amount to the parting.

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Tuesday: Volume and Waves

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What you need:

  1. Root Canal Volumising Spray
  2. Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray
  3. Shape Vixen Volumising Lotion

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STEP ONE: Section off half a head of hair and using a wand take sections from the top and curl around the wand – repeat until full head completed and brush out.

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STEP TWO: Apply Root Canal Volumising Spray to your roots.

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STEP THREE: Apply Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray to your mid lengths and ends, take hand fills of hair and scrunch upwards.

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STEP FOUR: Apply 10 cent piece of Shape Vixen Lotion to the palms of your hands, warm through your hands and apply to your ends working your way up until all the product is infused into your hair.  

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Wednesday: Half up half down with a braid

In copy portrait 500x800 12

What you need:

  1. Day of Grace Prestyle Primer
  2. Salty Dog Sea Spray
  3. Miss Malleable Flexible Hairspray

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STEP ONE: Brush out your hair and apply a small amount of Day of Grace Prestyle Primer to your roots and find a deep side part.

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STEP TWO: Braid a small top section of your hair around your crown and secure with bobby pins.

In copy portrait 500x800 14 

STEP THREE: Apply Salty Dog Sea Spray to the ends of your hair and scrunch upwards to encourage volume and texture.

In copy portrait 500x800 15

STEP FOUR: Secure your braid and natural movement in your ends with a generous all over spray of Miss Malleable Flexible Hairspray.

In copy portrait 500x800 16


Thursday: Edgy, tousled braid

In copy portrait 500x800 17

What you need

  1. Water Killer Dry Shampoo (doubles as styling spray)
  2. Haze Styling Powder
  3. Salty Dog Seaspray

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STEP ONE: Apply Water Killer Dry Shampoo to your root ends to create a gritty texture.

In copy portrait 500x800 18

STEP TWO: From 30cm away from your head, shake a dusting of Haze Styling Powder to your roots right through to your ends.

In copy portrait 500x800 19 

STEP THREE: Find your natural parting, twist and pick up hair sections as you go all the way to the base of head, secure with a hair tie and apply Salty Dog Seaspray to your ends to encourage volume and texture.

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STEP FOUR: Fish-tail to the ends, secure with a hairtie and lightly pull the braid apart for a fuller look.

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Friday: Top Knot  

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What you need:

  1. Day of Grace Prestyle Primer
  2. Miss Malleable Flexible Hairspray
  3. Love Touch Shine Spray

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STEP ONE: Apply Day of Grace Prestyle Primer lightly to whole head.

In copy portrait 500x800 23 

STEP TWO: Gather all your hair into a high ponytail, spray with Miss Malleable Flexible Hairspray, then back comb the ponytail.

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STEP THREE: Twist ponytail all the way to the end, fold around base of the hair tie and secure with bobby pins. 

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STEP FOUR: Apply Love Touch Shine Spray lightly to your whole head for a sleek finished look. 

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Photography: Tori Hayley