A Chanel makeup artist spills her secrets

Don’t turn to Google for your burning beauty questions, turn to Lucia Pica!

Lucia Pica is the Global Creative Make-up and Colour Designer for Chanel. Pica sat down with Vogue to answer the worlds most googled beauty questions. Find your beauty questions answered below…

Concealer application

Applying concealer is often a necessary step in any morning beauty regime, whether you’re going for a full coverage look or a rushed five-minute look. Pica recommends her own Chanel creation, a double-sided brush with a flat side and buffing side. She applies with the flat side and blends in the with buffing. But if you’re the type of gal who prefers not to dabble with complicated tools in the morning then using your fingers is perfectly acceptable too!


Personally, putting on lipstick is a morning battle in itself and it’s often a battle not won. If you apply from the middle and do the cupids bow first, then both sides and underneath, straight from the bullet.

Glowing skin

Pica created her little black palette for Chanel and absolutely swears by it. The little black palette features a concealer, highlighter and a lip/cheek colour. A unique combo that strays away from the classic bronzer/highlighter palettes. You can top up your glowing complexion with each feature from the palette at any point throughout the day.


The wonderful world of eyeshadow is loved by many and explored by all at one point or another. Cream eyeshadow is easily applied with your fingers (again, who needs brushes?) but powder eyeshadows need a flat and blending brush to apply and blend. Blend, blend, blend those harsh lines!


Pica explains that she much prefers a cream highlighter on her and the models she makes up. She applies this using her fingers or a blending brush to achieve that perfect glowing look. Tops of cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and inner corners are your highlighter’s best friends.


Pica personally uses a pencil and goes over with a brow gel to set them in place. But whatever filling-in method tickles your fancy is also perfectly good, the key is to set those brows in place so all your hard work lasts all day.

Make-up basics for every girl

Her little black palette of course!

Make-up removal technique

Pica personally washes her face with a facial wash to get her daily makeup off. However, she recommends a makeup remover that contains oil and water because it’s super effective and saves you so much time!


Image credit: Pinterest and Chanel