A year’s worth of free facials at Caci Clinic

Until August 31st, Caci are offering up to a year’s worth of free facials when you sign up to one of their treatment plans! They’ve also recently launched a cool new Skin Analysis Quiz which you can do online, and after a few simple questions you're provided with the perfect treatment for your specific skin needs.

The lush thought of free facials for a year was too much for our Remix Digital Editor Isabelle Truman to resist, so she decided to take the Skin Analysis Quiz and find out which treatment was best suited to fix her skins concerns…

I’ve always been self-conscious of the freckles and slight pigmentation on my face. Yes, I get it, they’re ‘cute’ and they ‘give you character,’ and I seriously do like them on other people – but I’m sorry; I’m a girl and I want what I can’t have. I’ve always wanted to know what treatments are out there, and if any can get rid of my freckles and pigmentation, so when I saw that Caci had launched their new Skin Analysis Quiz, I immediately gave it a go.

The results suggested two treatments that would be best suited - either a conditioning treatment, such as microdermabrasion or infusion, with a range of premium skincare from Caci. Or Photo Rejuvenation; a light treatment which targets and treats pigmintation and redness. As I’d already heard good things about photo rejuvination, I decided to give it a go.

When I went into the clinic I had a complimentary consultation with one of the Beauty Therapists, she talked me through everything I needed to know, and answered my questions prior to starting the treatment. Then I lay down, got comfy and the treatment started; first, my therapist applied a gel on my face which helps the light target the pigment, then it started! Each ‘zap’ felt the same as a rubber band flick, it is painful but nothing you can’t handle and that part of the treatment was over in about 10 minutes!

Afterwards, your pigmintation – in my case freckles – went a little darker, which is expected, but I didn’t notice a change in mine until later that evening and the next morning. The darker spots are easily covered up by my normal morning makeup application, so it wasn’t an issue and after around a week or so, you start noticing the pigments literally flaking off, it’s actually really cool. Any that didn’t flake off, (the pigmentation that is slightly deeper) will be treated in the next appointment, but I noticed a huge difference after my first session!

The main issue for me, is that I’m always out in the sun – jumping in the ocean, forgetting my hat or exploring. Although I do wear sunblock, I’m not the best at keeping on top of it, which can make me feel a bit self-conscious. This treatment worked incredibly well and for the first time I feel super happy with my skin, I’m just going to have to be a lot more careful when out about in summer, as of course, I’m prone to getting freckles…so sunscreen will be my priority!

Anyway, now for those free facials I mentioned earlier, if you’re keen on finding out more, or signing up to one of Caci’s treatment plans, head here.