Finding the Right Hairstylist is of the Utmost Importance, Read on to Find Out Why Rodney Wayne Are Our go to Salon

Finding the right hairstylist to not only trust with your tresses but also find someone whom you can connect with on a personal level can be a bit of a process. After all, a session at the salon will often involve hours in the chair perfecting your hair transformation, and more often than not, an intimate counselling session between the hairstylist and the customer. 

Rodney Wayne, a New Zealand original, was the first to bring global hair styling to New Zealanders throughout the country and has been helping Kiwis reveal their beautiful best for decades. As allies of Remix they are our go-to for not only our personal hair maintenance, but Rodney Wayne’s Education & Creative Director, Newton Cook is often on set for our exclusive Remix shoots helping our models to look and feel their best. 

I have been working with the beautiful team at Remix on photo shoots and events for the past four years. My first shoot with them was in 2017. Our relationship has grown so much over the years that I now have the privilege of attending their seasonal events as a valued guest—an opportunity I would never have had so early in my career if I hadn’t been working for Rodney Wayne. I have been recognized and uplifted into my current role as the Creative Director.” - Newton Cook

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As the go-to hair colouration expert in New Zealand, Rodney Wayne continues to set the gold standard for the hairdressing industry. With numerous awards and accolades to their name, Rodney Wayne is more than just a salon; it's a destination for beauty and confidence. Rodney Wayne's commitment to excellence has earned them the title of "New Zealand's Most Awarded Hair Salon." Their track record is a testament to their dedication to helping their clients look and feel fabulous. When it comes to hair colouration, Rodney Wayne stands out as a true expert (as you’d expect as the winners of Remix ‘Best in Beauty Award’ for three years in a row). This achievement is a testament to their ongoing commitment to delivering outstanding service and making their clients feel incredible. 

Winning such a highly competitive award year after year shows that Rodney Wayne consistently sets the industry standard and maintains its position as a leader in the world of hairdressing. They offer more than just hair services; they provide a holistic experience that leaves clients feeling rejuvenated and confident after every visit. The friendly and professional staff create a welcoming atmosphere where you can relax and unwind while you undergo your transformation and the salon's commitment to sustainability, and using eco-friendly products also contributes to a greater sense of well-being for both clients and the environment.

The recent ‘Rodney Wayne Stylist of the Year’ awards saw Shoreh Barkhordari take the prize. This award is as prestigious as it comes when it comes to the brand. The award acknowledges the stylist who has performed the best throughout the year, someone who communicates well with the team and someone who is held to the highest standard within the Rodney Wayne brand. Congratulations Shoreh!