Got brown hair? Here's why you need a blue shampoo

Did you know hair dye has been around for over 100 years? This opens up a world of opportunity for those who get bored easily of one colour. Ask any female “have you ever dyed your hair before?” and you're guaranteed a yes. For those who have experimented (or perhaps OVER-experimented last year...) with their hair, we understand the struggles when it comes to not being able to achieve that perfect tone. 

Enter Joico, the next best thing for hair since the hairbrush. Joico is shaping the world of haircare by their mission to return hair to its strongest, healthiest and shiniest form. Their colour balancing formulas allow you to stay true to your hue with every wash. Choose from Joico’s Color Balance Purple and Blue shampoos to protect the colour vibrancy and strength of your locks.

While you may have heard of purple shampoo before, you may be wondering what on earth blue shampoo is and what separates it from purple. The easiest way to understand the two is to return to the colour wheel. You may notice that purple is opposite yellow on the wheel while blue is opposite orange - In there lies your answer! Hairdressers recommend purple shampoo to those with blonde hair as it cancels out unwanted yellow tones and blue shampoo for those with darker hair that want to get rid of brassiness for a cooler brunette shade.

But wait, is it only blondes that can use purple shampoo and brunettes blue shampoo? To put it simply - no. Anyone is free to use whichever shampoo they wish but with the violet pigments specialty neutralising yellow and the blue pigments offsetting brassiness, each product will have a different effect. While a full head of dark brown locks can definitely use purple shampoo, it will have little to no effect. Best reach for the blue shampoo for a cool and vibrant brown. But a dark brown head of hair with blonde highlights would benefit greatly from purple shampoo as it would cool down the blonde and make it shine through the brown.

Using the two products make maintaining your colour even easier, especially as we approach the colder months. Just like your skin, hair is prone to become dry and brittle in cold weather and even more so if it has been coloured or chemically processed. Brassiness in brunettes and unwanted tones in blonde are banished with the Joico Color Balance ranges. With each bottle is a specially formulated shampoo or conditioner that helps your colour vibrancy be preserved in your tresses while keeping it protected.

Let us take a closer look at contents in each of the shampoo’s in the Joico Color Balance range. Both shampoo’s use a smart release technology that uses a range of ingredients that neutralise tones in hair whilst increasing shine and health. This one-of-a-kind liposome delivery system ensures that nutritious oils and vitamins such as rosehip oil, arginine and keratin are continuously released to strengthen and protect hair from the harm of everyday styling.

Think of Joico's Color Balance ranges as the immunity-boosting vitamin equivalent for your tresses.