Laying Your Best Foundation

Flawless skinMimi Kelly is the artistic director/owner of Killer Hair, Newton. She’s an award-winning hair colourist and makeup artist. Every week Mimi will be doing what she does best ... give her opinion. There is little doubt the 3 keys to this 'support layer' in our make up is correct colour, texture and application. Much fuss has been made about the tragic error of the incorrect shade, and a mismatch is obvious. However texture and correct application is where secrets can be hidden and glowing skin given. I have called in the expert opinion of freelance makeup artist Nicola Harvey who works on the front line everyday and knows a hippo load about the magic that can be made from foundation. Nicola says consideration of skin type is imperative, oily to normal skin should be using liquid to matte finish and drier skin types should use a creamer formulation to add radiance. When asked what texture is currently on trend, Nicola replies 'fresh and radiant.' She achieves this with M.A.C Studio Sculpt foundation $70. She says a gel base goes a long way and with its ability to build coverage so Nicola considers this a 'must have' in her kit. The best way to apply foundation for a professional finish is to start in the middle of face working the product across the nose, over the cheek and forehead, and down towards the jawline. This way you're less likely to end up with the dreaded tide mark. Brushes are a great and easy to master with a little practice, but the warmth from clean fingers give a nice buff to the skin... blend, blend and blend some more. Nicola's top tip for the perfect base Nicola is choosing the right concealer. 'Never use a yellow base to eliminate dark circles, this will only result in a grayer appearance under the eye. To counteract you need warmth so use a product with a pinky, peachy undertone with a light texture to lighten and brighten.' BB Cream is my fave new base. I heard about this marvel ages ago from my radiantly complexioned friend Bonnie. I wear Smashbox's BB cream $64, 50mls. What sets BB Cream apart is its light as a feather texture, containing moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, oil control and colour. This 'all in a one' product is fantastic if you're wearing a bright lip or a coloured eye as its light finish gives you a modern youthful look. In the day I just wear BB Cream and add a little concealer and at night I mix in a drop of my favorite liquid foundation. This 'skincare meets makeup' is the way forward and would be a great first foundation for teenagers. X Mimi