Mod's Making Cutting-Edge Hairstyles Easy: Watch The Video

Our editor Tina has a pretty extreme set of bright red locks and it doesn’t take as much effort to maintain as you might think… Have you ever wondered how you can translate hairstyles from the catwalk or pages of a magazine into your everyday life? There’s no reason you can’t have hair as red as Tina’s or that soft copper bob you’ve been dreaming about. Check out the video below of Goldwell ambassador and Mod’s Hair New Zealand owner Julianne Liebeck helping model Karmen translate global hair trends into her everyday lifestyle. Mod's Hair - Goldwell - Karmen from Mod's Hair on Vimeo. The Kiwi Mod’s Hair team is constantly commuting to and from Paris to stay in tune with the latest trends, so you can just step into Mod’s and have your hair looking fresh from the streets of France. Click here to check out the social photos of Mod’s recent ten year anniversary party in Christchurch and click here to stay in touch with the Mod’s crew on Facebook. mila3 copy