Aki Curtis of The Sleek Avenue Transforms Her Hair with Rodney Wayne

Whether you’re going through a breakup, changing with the seasons, or you’re simply just over your current style - having a hair transformation is (almost) always a good idea. The hardest part is finding the right stylist to accomplish your goal. Friend of Remix and ultimate style Queen, Aki Curtis of @TheSleekAvenue lets us take a sneak peek into her latest hair transformation with Rodney Wayne’s Creative Director, Newton Cook.


Aki’s brief was a low-maintenance shape and a colour that suited her skin tone. To execute this, we strategically placed some stunning face-framing highlights around her hairline, creating a radiant glow. 


"Adding a touch of dimension, we scattered highlights along her parting to break up the darkness, and inside, we transformed her roots with a luscious Ash Mocha, seamlessly blending it into a Creamy Blonde masterpiece. Elevating her cut, we snipped off two inches from the back, giving her bob a sharper, more dynamic finish. To complete the look, we introduced a touch of drama with a long, stylish curtain bang, bestowing upon her a chic and sharp allure. To colour Aki's hair, I used L'Oréal Blond Studio 9, Metal Detox to give me that extra lifting power and glossed her hair using L'Oréal Dialight for that beautiful sheen many blondes lack. To take care of Aki's hair, I used the new L'Oréal Absolut Repair Molecular at the basin area, styled using Redken Big Blowout, Redken Quick Blowout, Kérastase Nectar Thermique, Kérastase Elixir Ultime, and the Ghd Helios. To finish, I used the L'Oréal Metal Detox Oil, Redken Brushable Hairspray and the Redken Shine Flash." - Newton Cook, Education & Creative Director at Rodney Wayne.


“I have been blonde for eight years and I know that going from black hair to blonde can be very damaging but that’s never the case with Rodney Wayne – I know I can always rely on them to keep my hair stylish and healthy at the same time. They are industry experts who really understand how to strike a balance. We all know that your hairstyle could change your face drastically. For me, having hair stylists who are well versed in blunt cuts and shaping is extremely important. Newton at Rodney Wayne makes it look so easy – simply because he’s a master at his craft! He’s extremely experienced and his eye for detail is incredible. When it comes to colour, he meticulously placed the lighter highlights closer to my face and darker shades at the back, giving more depth, volume and life to my bob!” 

“My hair is a big part of my signature look and working in fashion means that my hair plays an important role in elevating any clothing I model. It might be a shock to people to know that I genuinely don’t know how to style my hair! I rely on having a very good cut and colour so I can always look effortless at photoshoots and events – I actually wake up like this!” - Aki Curtis, The Sleek Avenue.