Looking To Level Up Your Skincare Game? Look No Further Than Caci

For thirty years Caci has been looking after the skin needs of New Zealanders. From injectables and serums to skincare tech that takes the health of your body’s biggest organ to the next level; it’s with good reason that Caci has been voted New Zealand’s best beauty destination for the last six years – with no signs of slowing down. 

Caci knows that your future skin health starts with today, and their clinics have embraced skin tech proven to get results to help their customers smash their goals. In clinic, Caci’s Signature Laser Facial is a game-changing all-rounder that combines a chemical peel with a thermal laser to deliver a deep cleanse and exfoliation, while stimulating skin cell turnover for an overall reset. The end result is a glow that just won’t quit, making the treatment a monthly non-negotiable in any routine. For those looking to take their skin rejuvenation goals to another level, Microneedling is a popular treatment to explore. Using the FDA-approved Exceed medical device, Caci therapists gently penetrate the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing response for a boost in collagen production, reduced fine lines and pore size, with minimal downtime. Exceed is also clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles and treat acne scarring, with impressive results.

Lovers of the incredible results that a course of laser treatments can elicit swear by Caci’s Fractional Co2 laser treatment, which employs the powers of a fractional carbon dioxide laser to tighten, resurface, and strengthen the skin. Pulses of light cause controlled damage, triggering the natural healing process, not for the faint hearted but the results are worth it. A treatment that can be enjoyed by all skin types is Caci’s Sonophoresis Skin Infusion which uses sound waves to infuse antioxidants and hydrating ingredients deep into the dermis of the skin. Totally customisable for the dream match with your skin and its needs, it can help with clarifying, brightening, collagen boosting, hydrating or addressing sun damage. Take home tech is also available at Caci, with the Skinsmiths LED Facial Mask delivering Red and Near Infra-Red, plus Blue LED so you can address skin cell health, elasticity and breakouts in the comfort of your own home. And yes, it’s definitely worthy of adding to your Insta stories, we won’t judge!