Proformance: Some Hair Gear Just For Guys

Words by Steven Fernandez. Taking care of the hair is one of the most important moments in every guy’s morning ritual. No guy has the time to take ages, but every guy wants to look good, simple as that. Senscience Liquid Luxury have identified exactly what it is guys want in a hair care line and have come up with PROFORMANCE, a range of styling and hair care products that energize hair, providing strength, vitality and nourishment. Formulated with Vitalock 6 and the exclusive VitaPROx® energy complex, these multi-benefit formulas are packed with high performing ingredients perfect for creating your individual style while revitalizing hair and scalp. Remix boss man Tim Phin uses PROFORMANCE on his locks. “The thing I love about it is you can tell this had been developed especially for guys,” says Tim. “It doesn’t have the female fragrance. It’s quality stuff, but it’s also easily to use and understand. Ideal if you’re on the go.” Keen to learn a bit more about PROFORMANCE? Check out the inventory below or head over to their website here for more information. proformance hair care ENERGY Revitalizing Shampoo is a 2-in-1, all-over daily cleanser that moisturizes, hydrates, and invigorates with gentle surfactants and antioxidants, leaving both hair and body feeling soft and nourished. BOOST Thickening Shampoo for fine or thinning hair creates an optimal environment for healthy hair growth by gently yet thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating the scalp and hair. Contains Biotin, known to be essential for healthy hair growth and improving overall follicle health. SOOTHE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for dry, flaky scalp washes away loose flakes and controls dandruff leaving hair and scalp cleansed and refreshed. ACTIF MIST Nourishing Spray is a lightweight, leave-in moisturizer that hydrates the hair and skin. Also protects the hair, reducing breakage caused by styling by over 76%*, and strengthens hair, making it 4.22 times more resistant to breaking*. Detangles, adds shine, reduces static, and provides a smooth finish. *Against combing breakage on damaged hair vs. a non-conditioning shampoo. DESIGN Styling Gel is a medium-to-firm hold styler with an exclusive blend of film- forming styling polymers and resins that keep styles in place all day. Proteins replenish moisture and condition the hair. Adds exceptional shine. CONSTRUCT Molding Paste creates pliable texture and definition with a medium hold and semi-matte finish. Workable throughout the styling process, allowing for creative styling and combinations with other products. REFORM Styling Crème is designed for contemporary styles. It’s great for sculpting and molding with a semi-matte finish. It helps thicken hair, adding texture, fullness, and body to thin or limp hair, providing a pliable hold, giving hair a natural, clean finish with little shine. SHAPE Hard Wax provides control for stand up styles with a natural and flexible finish. The high styling memory helps to prevent styles from collapsing. Visit the website here or call Sabre Corporation on 0800 456 426 for more information.