Seriously Amazing Skincare: Awa Creations

awa-gift-setMimi Kelly is the artistic director/owner of Killer Hair, Newton. She’s an award-winning hair colourist and makeup artist. Every week Mimi will be doing what she does best... give her opinion. Popping into Remix HQ I find Tina and Sophie all a buzz saying things like 'incredible, amazing, best ever' and this is all about a new skin care regime, Awa Creations. So you know I had to give it a try. Awa is a very simple four step natural skin care system and I joined the gals in thrilled excitement from that first application. The range was created by a kiwi after his wife and another family member went on holiday and decided to have a chemical peel, hoping to return home with fresh and gorgeous skin. However the procedure horrified him, their skin was burnt from their faces and their holiday ruined while they waited to heal. He asked ‘Why are women willing to do this to themselves?’ His wife replied ‘results.’ He decided to start investigating a natural way to achieve the desire for younger, fresher skin that women craved and from two years of heavy research came Awa Creations, a natural and simple regime. Cleanser: Reduces inflammation in the pores, contains collagen, retaining skins natural moisture. Refreshing gel: This is the HERO product, incredibly reveals the fresh skin that lies beneath by removing dead cells, opening and cleaning pores, increasing vitamin absorption, reducing melanin production. (Use once daily.) Toner: Closes pores, tightens skin and contains rose water as a gentle antibacterial agent Nature-tox: This serum is your day, night, eye and neck cream. It supports DNA repair, strengths skin, reduces UV radiation and treats wrinkles. So how good is it? Well I have been using for over 4 weeks now and I think my skin looks better than ever and believe me I have tried a cream or two.  I have oily skin and Awa has balanced me back to normal. Sophie on the other hand has dryer skin and it has done the same for her. As a trial I stopped using for three days and went back to my other cleansers and so on, and at day three really felt I lost my glow. I used again and immediately felt the difference. This is the best skin care I have ever tried. No Joke! Now its all very new and the packaging very basic, it hasn't found its way onto any department store shelves however you can purchase it online at It's also not expensive and they have a current offer of the full set for $119 or two sets for $199. They ship free in 3 to 5 days. There is a lot of talk about buying local and supporting small business and that's all very cool, but what is cooler is the results this product achieves. I for one am thrilled. X Mimi