How your smartphone and laptop are ageing you

If New Zealand's harsh UV rays weren't damaging enough, the latest skincare research has a discovered a new skin ageing culprit - blue light

What researchers label as the 'blue light,' is the high-energy visible light frequencies that radiate from our laptops, smartphones and other technological devices that we tend to use in our everyday life. Whilst this may seem hypocritical of us presenting this information on a screen (sorry), we feel it is our duty to inform you on the newly found source of sag. 

It has been said that most of us spend a hefty 90% of our day face to face with a screen, which seems like a lot - but when you think about it, it, unfortunately, adds up. Whether you are working in an office, at university or scrolling mindlessly on your phone when you've got a bit of spare time, it becomes worryingly evident how much time we spend in front of a screen. According to a global R&D Indoor Exposure study by Unilever, eight hours of blue-light exposure four days a week is equal to 2o minutes of UVA exposure in the midday sun. 

Falling somewhere between the sun's UV rays and infrared rays (from heat), constant exposure to such intense visible light works as a catalyst to the oxidation process, stimulates keratinocytes (cells in the skin's dermis that work to protect it from UV radiation), and acts on melatonin, resulting in skin conditions like hyperpigmentation. Fortunately, this type of exposure won't give you skin cancer, however, it can contribute to melasma (also known as the 'pregnancy mask').

Whilst we've been slip, slop and slapping for years now, the Journal of Investigative Dermatology has revealed that sunscreen is unable to protect us proficiently from the output of the blue-light. However, this is another solution. 

Murad's newest offering, City Skin Age Defense is the saving grace to us of the digital age. Its lightweight, broad-spectrum PA ++++ and SPF50 sunscreen includes Environmental Protection Technology to shield skin from the five main causes of damage that hasten the pace of ageing. These include blue light from devices, pollution, infrared radiation, UVA and UVB. These superior ingredients contain a unique polymer matrix that acts as a breathable 'second skin' and repels the toxins and environmental aggressors.

When tested, Murad's City Skin Age Defense proved to protect the skin from 96%* of pollution, 89%* of blue light from devices and 52%* of infrared radiation. 

So, for an ensured overall protection from all damaging rays we are subject to in our day to day life, be sure to slip, slop and slap with Murad's City Skin Age Defence to fend off those digital age nasties. 

* Test result for deposition of selected pollutants with polymer matrix vs. placebo. 

Feature image: Elle