The 30-Day Lipstick Challenge Day 14

ZA fig_lips_plumper_lipsZa Plumper Lips in ’08 Ruby Rich’ I’ll just get right to the point with this one. It’s effectively a coloured lip balm masquerading as a lipstick. I’ll admit it was very hydrating and smooth to wear, but in terms of colour and stayability, it is pretty well useless. You’d have to reapply all the time in order to keep any colour on your lips. Without even eating or drinking anything, it seemed to disappear. I’m also not too sure about the claims about its “Fill-up collagen" – while I guess my lips did look well-nourished and moist, I’m not sure they looked any plumper. The range of shades in the Za Plumper Lips line is limited to 10 standard girly colours. I think you’d enjoy it if you weren’t after something too powerful. Staying Power: 3/10 Colour Intensity: 3/10 Moisture: 9/10