The 30-Day Lipstick Challenge Day 7

Orange-LipstickBy Tina Moore M.A.C Lipstick in ‘Morange’ $49 I just love the name of this shade, which M.A.C describes as a ‘loudmouth orange’. As with all M.A.C Lipsticks, this has great colour pay-off and lasts a long time between touch-ups. To be honest, I really didn’t know if I could pull this one off, it’s just SO ORANGE. It’s like a ‘high vis’ vest for the face. I was secretly glad that I didn’t have any meetings today because I did feel slightly self-conscious about my screaming orange lips! But the longer I’ve worn it the more I’m getting used to it. In fact, I’m feeling so bold with my morange lips that I’ve even taken a picture of my mug for your viewing pleasure. Staying Power: 8/10 Colour Intensity: 9/10 Moisture: 7/10 Tina-morange