Trilogy Perfume: Charity with a Delicious Scent

Everyone likes to feel like they're helping out in the world and it's an amazing feeling when you find a product that does just that. Trilogy are known for their beautifully crafted products, especially their Trilogy Perfume, and always collaborating with amazing charities and community organisations. This year they've introduced their newest collab with So They Can

Trilogy and So They Can are working together to help women in Babati, Tanzania become more self sufficient rather than just giving them handouts. They've come up with a gorgeous natural perfume called 'Raha' (which means 'joy' in Swahili) which is made with the sunflower oil that the women farm. 

Trilogy aim to contribute $30,000 which will be enough to provide an annual income for 50 sunflower farmers and harvesters plus support a full year's education for 500 children.