Beyoncé stops mid-concert for a surprise proposal

Last weekend, Beyoncé stopped her St. Louis concert in the name of love, helping one lucky man propose on perhaps the most epic stage of his life.

In the middle of ‘Single Ladies’, Queen B paused the music, announcing ‘I think there’s somebody I’d like to bring on stage.’ Following Beyoncé’s surprise intermission, the singer's choreographer John Silver, partner of one of Beyoncé's main back-up dancers, Ashley Everett, appeared on stage.

John was handed the mic and got down on one knee to propose to his girl. "She's my queen, so I feel it's only right to come out here in my hometown', Silver said. 

He later captioned his Instagram post, ‘I think I almost threw up my balls b4 I went on stage’- we think so too.

Beyoncé congratulated the couple before taking back the mic saying ‘Let’s see if you can still do the choreography after that!'

Image: cosmouk