Big Thanks Telecom!

So we've put our last magazine of the year to print which will be coming your way early December, very exciting! Meanwhile our friends at Telecom have sorted out the chaos that was our connection issues and our phone and internet has been smoothly up and running for the past few weeks. As you can imagine we are all over the internet and phone lines when putting the mag together, so we couldn't have created another huge summer edition without you guys. As a small business, Telecom hooked us up with the Total Office package which includes a business landline, broadband and offers cheap toll calling. Since we needed multiple lines they even discounted our normal business rental rate on these for us. But the best thing about the service is having Telecom's Local Business Hub as a contact point. We can contact our account manager directly and he is literally just down the road if we need anything, because let's be honest, there's nothing worse than spending hours dealing with an automated voice. Big thanks guys! Find out more here.