Zoolander 2: The most ridiculous moments so far

Ever since it was reported that Zoolander was coming back for a second instalment people have been on the edge of their seats waiting for the sequel. You know, so important questions could be answered - like, how the 'Centre for Kids that can't Read Good' is going and if Derek still loves his Orange-Mocha-Frappacino as much as he did back in 2001.

Luckily for us the movie comes out tomorrow - with the premier currently screening in Hollywood. In the meantime though (since we couldn't make it to L.A.), we had a look over all the publicity surrounding Zoolander and decided on our top Zoolander 2 moments so far: We were shocked and amazed to see that Derek and Hansel still had their perfect model walk when they stole the show at Valentino's Paris Week show...

[video src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fZEvJ-B5Bw" size="auto"]

But it was even cooler to see that before the show they were hanging out with Queen Anna Wintour backstage (selfie stick included)

[video src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CqErSY8MgQ" size="auto"]

There was also the amazing moment when Derek was immortalised as a Barbie and hung out with our fave 11.5 inch fashion icon for an Instagram photo shoot...

And then there was the time when Vogue got a tour of Derek's house and we got to find out the answers to a bunch of questions we've been wanting to know FOREVER

[video src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4q0K561WXs" size="auto"]

And who could forget the announcement that Der-vigne was a thing (we were all rooting for them!)  

But it sadly only lasted three glorious hours *tear*


Guys. Over the course of my 3 hour relationship with Cara Delevingne i learned a lot about myself. I learned a relationship is like a beautiful bird. If there is love, it can take flight. But if the bird is caged, it begins to feel trapped, like as if it was in a cage. but then if someone is calling that bird “more washed up than a russians blue jeans” or “dumber than brie”, then the bird gets it’s feelings super hurt. But then if the bird tries to get one last french kiss goodbye, and the girl punches him right in the beak and then hits the bird with his selfie stick (which you can pay me for ANYTIME), then thats lame to do to the bird. THEN! THEN! She gets the bird in a half nelson and threatens to get a restraining odor, that’s super lame. Then she nearly broke the birds ARM! Which REALLY-REALLY HURT CARA!!!! Like you could have broken the birds WING! Anyway… I WILL triumph in all of this. Our relationship ended as it began. With all love, respect and now a deep mistrust for cara delvigne. Whoever that is. Call me when you get a modeling career. I could have HELPED YOU. You were too old for me anyways. Now I know everyone has my back, and the last thing I want is a flame war on my insta. I dont need the negativity. Like I said, it’s all love. But if you wanted to go hate on HER insta and leave comments on what a HUGE mistake she just made, and tell her I’m totally happy and never think about her all the time and am probably out boning liek a million models already here in Paris. Please feel free to do that. #Namaste. Switching my Raya location to #ROME tomorrow. See you soon @penelopecruzoficial .

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And he really wasn't kidding about the Penelope Cruz thing...  


Dear Derek ... here I am…alone, again, in New York. When we fell in love I knew it was dangerous. Me, a woman with brains, talent and intelligence, and you, a male model with… good skin … and hair. Of COURSE it could never work. Lately, you have been so busy promoting your “career” it seems you have forgotten the one thing that matters most. Being there for the important people in your life. It’s just a movie Derek, it will come and go, and no matter what you say, it is not a “documentary about your life as an awesome person”. Also, Ever since I heard about you cheating on me with Cara Delevingne, I have been tortured by the images from your instagram. And if that wasn't humiliating enough, today I found out you've spent the weekend hanging out with other "models" Today my damaged dignity will speak. Please forgive me for what I am about to do

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Lastly, from the Hollywood premier, two of our favourite models in a Zoolander walkoff..  

There's only one way to settle this—a #VogueWalkOff. @taylor_hill @stellamaxwell @zoolander #zoolander2 A video posted by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on