It's A Roof Shout!

The only thing better than a cold beer after a hard day is a FREE cold beer... After 18 months of hard work, Monteith’s iconic Greymouth brewery has been reopened. And they’ve wasted no time in brewing a very special new beer - the ‘Roof Shout’. Monteith’s Head Brewer Tony Mercer created the new beer in his eagerness to test the new brewery and thank the tradesmen who brought it to fruition. “After you get a house built, you put some beers on. When someone builds you a brewery you brew them a beer. We made Roof Shout to thank all the people who helped with the build and to get our drinkers excited about our new found flexibility in terms of batch brewing.” What will excite their drinkers even more is that Roof Shout was brewed not to be sold, but to be given away - TODAY! On the 25th of July, Monteith’s Bars around the country will be tapping free Roof Shout kegs and toasting a new era of beer exploration. Get down to your local (Monteith’s stocking) bar and enjoy a free cold one (or two) on Monteith’s. See you out there… Monteiths Roof Shout