Woman Crush Wednesday: Céline Dion

Céline Dion has spent more than three decades in the limelight, and yet she has somehow managed to stay cool and pleasantly refreshing throughout. Boasting the voice of an angel, the famed songstress has sold over 250 million albums worldwide. And that's nothing to scoff at!

Céline has recently been the talk of the town with her fashion revolution shown through out her Couture Week Adventure in Paris. Proving her ability to stay forever young and trendy regardless of age, Céline is this week's Women Crush Wednesday.

1. She is a fashion queen

Recently, Céline  has been taking the fashion world by storm, she posed for Vogue in Paris, dressed in their latest couture gowns and also attended the most glittering shows during Paris Fashion Week. A recent video posted on the Vogue website sees her at the Ritz in Paris, perching at a vanity in a glorious gown and Victorian-style headdress, much like that of Marie Antoinette. Throughout the video, we see her modelling beautiful looks from fashion houses Christian Dior, Valentino, Chanel and others. Nothing can stop this girl boss!

2. She stole the show at the Met Ball
As we have come to realise, Céline goes all or nothing - and her Met Ball attire proves this. The 49-year-old singer was dressed in an extravagant dress  by Atelier Versace, paired with a dashing headpiece. 

3. Other celebrities look up to her
Drake was fortunate enough to meet our women crush at the Billboard Music Awards. Although he won a tremendous amount of awards, he showed the most excitement when he came face to face with Céline, and we don't blame him, really. 


4. She is completely, and genuinely herself, in all aspects
Céline isn't afraid to be bold when it comes to fashion and certainly not in any other aspects in her life either - especially on stage! Her dance movies on stage bring us pure joy, and she was even spotted having a boogie whilst Cher performed at the Billboard Music Awards.



5. The emotion she brings us
The first thing that comes to mind when the words emotion and Céline Dion are mentioned, is of course, Titanic and her iconic love ballad 'My heart will go on'. Fans admire Céline for her raw emotion as it shows her genuine passion and emotion when performing, allowing us to get closer to her heart. Céline brings us all the feels! Where are the tissues, anyone?

Image Credits: Vogue, Philstar, Rukkle, Womans Day