Exchange Store is the new way to buy & sell luxury

Have an old Louis Vuitton weekend bag lying around that deserves a new owner? Or are you possibly in the market for some secondhand Louboutins in pristine condition? With new kid on the resell block, Exchange Store, you can now buy and sell all kinds of luxury items with ultimate peace of mind. New Zealand has been singing out for premium experience catering to high-end, high value secondhand items that are too precious to simply leave in the hands of strangers, and with founder Sabrina Soar at the helm - you can rest assured - she deals in legit luxury only.

From one quick scroll on the site, you'll come across authentic Chanel slides, Dior Bobby bags, Bottega heels and Gucci Horsebit bags. Editor-in-chief Amber caught up with the lover of fine things (while adding to cart) and discovered she was a little bit like the Gab Waller of secondhand designer...


Sabrina, tell us a little bit about Exchange Store...

Exchange store is your luxury consignment marketplace, for buying and selling high-end fashion goods. It is quality controlled, so our buyers can be confident in what they buy, and our sellers know they are getting the right price. 

Why did you decide to start up the luxury resell store?

I'd seen the concept overseas, but nothing specifically catered to the high-fashion market in New Zealand. I knew there was a gap that we could fill & have seen high-end items struggle to sell on existing marketplaces for fair market value. 

Since its conception last year, what has been your favourite listing to come in?

Definitely the Fendi Raffia Baguette in Lilac. This was an extremely rare piece around the world I couldn't believe we had one come through. I struggled to find content imagery of it online & it had never been used it still had the plastic on the hardware. The buyer was thrilled it sold out in three days. 

With the cost of living at an all-time high in NZ, it's a treat to be able to buy highly coveted second-hand designer items, like Chanel bags for a fraction of the price... particularly when they're considered valuable investments. Do you consider your consignments, investments?

Definitely! Classic pieces from Louis Vuitton, such as the Neverfull, Alma & The Speedy, go up in price yearly. But the best return on investment you can get is Chanel and Hermes. These are thought to have a better annual return than investing in stocks. 

What's the average listing time until an item sells?

It depends on the listing. If it's an in-demand or rare item, it can sell out within the hour. Others items can take longer much like any other marketplace. 

These days it's hard for buyers to trust if designer items are real, how do you ensure authenticity?

I've completed a course at Marque Mentorship, which is an online luxury resale learning platform. Before doing this, I had a lot of personal experience in buying, so I taught myself a lot. For any handbags over $1,000, I get a third-party authentification from Nancy at My Haute, Once it sells and arrives at our Head Office. Nancy is approved by the New Zealand courts to be a luxury handbag authenticator. If you're buying on another platform, I recommend using her.

Are there brands or product types you don't accept?

Yes, of course, we are a luxury marketplace. We prefer international & high end brands rather than local kiwi or AU brands. However, we do list brands like Paris Georgia and Georgia Alice as they have such a strong international presence.

You mentioned a portal system... how does it work?

It is very straightforward; you upload your item with quality photos and a description. For item condition, we go by the following descriptions: Fair, Used, Gently Used, New & Never worn with tags. All of these are approved by me before we go live so that I can ensure the quality of the stock. Check out the link here

Being a lover of the industry, how do you practice self control and not buy all the listings yourself...

It's hard! I aim to make these items more accessible to everyone else, so I keep that in mind when I'm tempted. I confess to buying the occasional item that is too good to turn down.  

What was your very first designer piece you owned and how old were you?

When I was 18, my fabulous Aunt Vicky handed down to me her 2007 Louis Vuitton PM Alma Epi black leather handbag with gold hardware. They no longer make it with the gold hardware, so it is now collectable and of supreme quality. I still use it every day for work.   

What is the most cherished item in your wardrobe?

That's a tricky question; there is so much I love. I'd have to say it's my Goyard Saigon top-handled bag in blue. This is, again a very rare & out there piece. Goyard is super hard to get your hands on, and I purchased this of 1st dibs for my 24th birthday. I pair it with my electric blue Chanel sneakers & they go perfectly together to make an outfit. 


Check out Exchange Store to see what's in this week, but be quick... listings don't last long on there...