How Gucci is joining the fund to save and protect our wildlife

Gucci has joined The Lion’s Share Fund, which is a unique initiative raising money to fight the crisis in nature, biodiversity and climate across the world. 


The Lion’s Share Fund aims to raise over $100 million each year over the next 5 years for animal conservation, biodiversity and climate, through asking brands to contribute 0.% of their media spend each time an animal is featured in their advertisements. 


Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci, said: “The Lion’s Share Fund is an important addition to our conservation strategy. Nature and wildlife provide Gucci with inspired creation that is an integral part of ournarrative through our collections and campaigns. With the increasing threats to the planet’s biodiversity, groundbreaking initiatives like The Lion’s Share Fund have the potential to be transformative by organically connecting the business community with direct action to protect our natural habitats and most threatened species.” Bizzarri continued “In a similar way, since 2018, Gucci has been totally carbon neutral across our supply chain and we offset our remaining emissions every year through REDD+, which protects critical forests and biodiversity around the world.”


Every year around 20% of all advertisements feature animals around the world, however they don't receive the support they deserve. The Lion’s Share provides brands with the opportunity to take immediate action and do their part in protecting our planet. 

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