The Nostalgic Coach x Lil Nas X Collab you Need to Know About

Picture this. It’s the year 2000. You’re sitting in your bubblegum hue bedroom, with your beaded curtain drawn and your purple mosquito net dusting the floor alongside your bed. You’re listening to your favourite NSYNC album while sitting on your pink blow up chair, attaching a banana to your head fastened with butterfly clips. Life is good. 

Like with most periods in time and their coinciding style trends, key design elements tend to make a resurgence, with the moment currently being Y2K. To celebrate this era and all of it’s kitchy glory, Coach has teamed up with expressive musical artist, Lil Nas X for a special capsule collection curated from the Winter 2023 collection and customized by Lil Nas X referencing his expressive personal style.


To create the capsule, Coach worked with Lil Nas X, referencing his individual style and sense of colour to create the feeling of the collection. Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers, then worked with the artist to select and customize his favourite pieces, including shearling coats in pops of colour, graphics inspired by concert merch, and an American varsity jacket personalised with patches with symbols from Lil Nas’s life, like his pet cats and zodiac sign, Aries. 

Part of Winter 2023, the collection references American archetypes like leather biker and shearling jackets juxtaposed with tees, sweatshirts and bags brought to life with youthful acid graphics and electric colors that evoke rave culture, and an archival Bonnie Cashinleopard print recontextualized for today.


“Our Winter collection is inspired by my belief that fashion is about exploring and celebrating all of who you are. To create the collection, we twisted the Coach archives and were also inspired by Lil Nas X’s connection to music and nightlife. We evolved heritage styles introduced on the runway last season by amplifying colour, texture and graphics to create pieces that celebrate our love for individuality and authentic self-expression that we share.” - Stuart Vevers

Check out the latest collection here and secure yourself a piece of nostalgia for your forever wardrobe.