The new 100 Thieves x Gucci Collection

Gucci is going gamer in their new collaboration with 100 Thieves - the LA based apparel, lifestyle and gaming brand that’s taking the world by storm. 

Keeping with the times, Gucci is aligning themselves with the esports brand, combining the technological with the thrilling in an exciting and exclusive new collection. While 100 Thieves prides themselves on their unique expression of individuality, Gucci similarly centres themselves around being influential, innovative and progressive. The coming together of these two brands is sure to be exactly that: a complete exhibition of creative genius, and what better way to showcase this eccentric alliance than in a series of limited edition backpacks. 

In a show of diversity and self-expression, The House is releasing 200 backpacks from the Gucci Off The Grid Collection. Bright red in colour, they're bound to catch our eyes and break our hearts. With plenty of pockets, an allover Gucci print and a subtle black leather trim, the bag is finished off with a black leather patch and the 100 Thieves logo in silver. 

Not only is this exclusive backpack stunning, but it's sustainable! As a part of the Gucci Off The Grid Collection, the backpacks are made from sustainable and recycled materials - including ECONYL® made from fishing nets, carpets and other scraps. Additionally, the manufacturing process recovers and upcycles nylon fabric scraps as a part of the Gucci-ECONYL® Pre Consumer Fabric Takeback Programme. The 200 one-off bags will come with a red pouch made of recycled nylon in a box made of recycled paper. Finished off with both the Gucci and 100 Thieves logos, this collectable and eco-friendly packaging emphasizes the brands’ dedication to sustainability. 

We are head over heels for this sustainable initiative, so keep an eye out for the Remix Team’s top picks of the Gucci Off The Grid Collection! We are obsessed with the sleek, black Off The Grid Belt Bag, an easy and stylish handbag alternative for when all hands are predisposed. Additionally, we’re crazy about their various brightly coloured bucket hats, which are giving us major summer vibes - just in time for the change in seasons.

Reinventing a modern approach to fashion, The Gucci Off The Grid Initiative is driven by the brand’s commitment to sustainability and respect - respect for our earth and the people that live on it. The Gucci x 100 Thieves backpack infuses these ideas of social and environmental responsibility in a fun and fashionable way. Using a backpack, an everyday essential used by the masses, to kick-off this eco-friendly collaboration, the message is clear - anyone can enjoy the freedoms that the world has to offer, if one only remembers to look after it. The alliance between 100 Thieves and Gucci represents the first chapter of many in a sustainable and stylish story - one that hopefully inspires the fashion, lifestyle and gaming industries to embrace a more sustainable, mindful and inclusive future. 

Where trends meet tech, the digital campaign for the sustainable backpacks was shot in the 100 Thieves world class gaming facility, known as the Compound. The campaign was directed by New-York based Director and Photographer Guy Aroch, who combined Gucci’s latest clothing collection with the dynamic people behind the 100 Thieves brand. Featuring seven of the 100 Thieves content creators - Valkyrae, Neekolul, BrookeAB, Nadeshot, CouRageJD, Yassuo and Kris London - and two of its pro players, Ssumday and Kenny, the digital campaign showed your average day in the office in a whimsical and wonderful array of eclecticism.