World Anything But Boring With Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

WORLD is many things... but not boring. In typical WORLD fashion, the new Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection is an exploration with a refined concept of what it looks like... to not be boring. With inspiration from real and fictional characters that could never be considered boring - Marina Abramovic, Jacqueline Fahey, architect Meier or personalities like Oprah, Anjelica Huston, Peggy Guggenheim and Charles Saatchi - WORLD takes its lead from life to design clothes for your life. "Boring Gets You Nowhere" is divided into three main themes – characterful suiting, emotive eveningwear and informal inspiration. The evening ensembles have a refined opulence with silhouettes combining eccentric and luxurious fabrications for all occasions. WORLD’s strong colours and vibrant patterns are in there to add their trademark fun and modern feel. “Boring Gets You Nowhere” Autumn/Winter 2013 is available in store now.