An expert's guide to perfecting your at-home coffee

Hummingbird Coffee is a roastery driven to create a better cup for all through their 100% Fair Trade Organic coffee. With a commitment and passion to support and connect communities, Hummingbird believes that each cup is a chance to pause and enjoy a meaningful experience.


To make yourself a perfect cup of coffee at home follow the easy guidelines below carefully curated by the team at Hummingbird Coffee...


Stovetop Espresso


You’ll Need:

- Moka pot coffeemaker

- Freshly ground coffee – we recommend:

o Oomph! – Huge body and sweetness with notes of milk chocolate

o Italian Espresso – Balanced acidity and sweetness with notes of berries and

milk chocolate

- Stove or gas cooker

- Water


The Basics:

  1. Unscrew the Moka pot and remove the basket/funnel.
  2. Fill the base with hot water to just below the valve.
  3. Place the coffee inside the basket filling it to the top, settle and level (don’t tamp or push down).
  4. Reassemble the unit by placing the basket back in the base and then firmly screw the top and bottom parts back together.
  5. Place the pot on a low to medium heat paying close attention - while it brews wait for a “gurgling gargling’ sound, the upper chamber should now be full of coffee and brewing is complete.
  6. Remove from heat immediately and serve.


- Stovetop espresso is slightly coarser than espresso machine grind. If you’re using

pre-ground espresso grind don’t fill your basket completely to the top.

- Take care after brewing as the Moka pot retains heat. Run it under cold water after

serving to cool and clean.

- Make sure to wipe the basket and thread clear of grind before reassembling.




You’ll Need:

- 8 cup plunger (French press)

- 56g freshly ground coffee (8 tbsp) – we recommend:

o Re:Start – Zingy and lively with chocolate and nutty notes

o Nectar – Complex yet clean with nutty notes

- Water (just off the boil)

- Scales (optional)

- Timer

The Basics:

  1. Rinse the plunger with hot water.
  2. Add coffee in first and start your timer as soon as you add hot water.
  3. Pour to half way making sure all the grounds are saturated.
  4. Now give everything a swirl. If you’d like to stir it instead make sure you use a wooden utensil, not metal.
  5. Now fill the plunger with water almost to the top and place the lid back on without pressing it down (this keeps the heat in while it brews) at 4 minutes optimum brewing is complete and you’re ready to press.
  6. Push the press all the way down and serve immediately (you’ll stew your brew if left to sit).


- Add some water to the used grounds to help empty, and/or then tip the grind into

your garden for a nutritious soil enhancing drink.

- For a stronger brew add another tablespoon (or two) of coffee and vice versa for a

weaker brew.

- If you’re finding it hard to press down you’ve most likely added too much coffee.



You’ll Need:

- AeroPress ® kit + filters

- 17g freshly ground coffee: we recommend

o Crave – Great balance of body and acidity with notes of buttered toast and

sweet citrus fruits

o Harvest – Beautifully balanced with notes of juicy stone fruits

o Honduras – Milky chocolatey caramels with a crisp citrus finish

- Water (just off the boil)

- Scales and timer

The Basics (standard method):

  1. You’ll need 17g of medium-coarse coffee (one rounded AeroPress ® spoonful) at the ready
  2. Once your kettle/jug has boiled leave it to sit for around 30 seconds place the filter in the basket and rinse with hot water then preheat the brewer and mug (also with hot water) then discard rinse water.
  3. Attach the basket to the bottom of the brew chamber and place on top of your mug, add coffee by using the AeroPress ® funnel and settle.
  4. Remove the funnel.
  5. Start the timer as soon as you start pouring.
  6. Saturate all the grind within 10 seconds and then gently pour to no.4 on the
  7. AeroPress ® (250g of water if you’re using scales).
  8. Stir and place the plunger into the chamber and slightly pull up to create a pressure seal.
  9. At around 1 minute 10 seconds, slowly press down until you hear a hissing sound.
  10. Grab your mug and enjoy.



- Grind your beans to a medium-coarse consistency.

- To clean up simply remove the basket and pop the grinds and filter out, rinse with hot

water and you’re good to go again.

- Run out of filters? Simply cut a paper towel into a circle and you’re set.

Bonus Tip:

- You can froth milk in a plunger by heating milk in a mug in the microwave then add it

to the plunger and press up and down for 30 seconds (or longer if you want more

froth). Soy milk works really well.

You can find Hummingbird Coffee in supermarkets nationwide or the full range online at, from RRP $7.99, 200gm.




Imagery and content created by James Mazey at Hummingbird Coffee