This architect transformed a Spanish cement factory into a work of art

For most people, a derelict factory would evoke words like 'ugly' or 'creepy'. Not for architect Ricardo Bofill, however, who now calls an abandoned cement factory his home. 

For several decades Bofill has worked hard to deconstruct, develop and furnish the 30 silos which he purchased near Barcelona in 1973. He's now created a magical world for himself to use as a home, studio and gallery. 

Lush yet meticulously planned gardens spill across the rooftops and exterior of the concrete factory. Underneath, the brutalist shapes of the silos evoke a whimsical aesthetic, not unlike the silhouette of a fairy-tale castle. Spiral staircases hidden within the greenery lead to spaces of garden sanctuary. Inside are a series of modern and eccentric rooms, each unique from one another.

In the larger rooms, Bofill has left pieces of the original ruin exposed, such as dangling slabs of iron and cement structures. The concrete factory houses a library, archives, offices and a grand, haunting concert space Bofill has named "The Cathedral". Throughout the rooms, he's chosen simple and minimalist furniture to harmonise with the surrounding industrial and architectural elements. 

But Bofill's work is not done yet - and it never will be. Despite the magnificent transformation, he hopes that his space will continue to symbolise evolution and change.