Beer With Marc Moore

Words by Steven Fernandez. He might be the co-founder and director behind one of New Zealand’s most popular fashion houses, but Marc Moore is still just a guy keen to kick back over a beer and a surf. His team over at Stolen Girlfriends Club is known to mull over design ideas with the help of a few bottles of Steinlager Pure! “As a team we like to get inspired over a few beers – we relax, we chat and some of our best ideas hit us!  We know there are no magical qualities in Steinlager Pure, but relaxing with good mates or good company certainly unblocks the mind,” says Marc. Moore says that the partnership between Stolen Girlfriend Club and Steinlager Pure has been one of the key reasons the brand has been able to turn dreams into reality and put on shows that deliver their message to a wider audience. Last month Moore and Stolen Girlfriends Club did just that, debuting their 2013 winter collection with a fashion show that featured both models and the new Mini Paceman! “Both Steinlager and Stolen are from New Zealand – most people would say that this is a disadvantage being so isolated from the rest of the world, but I think it presents a challenge that makes us strive harder in every way,” says Marc. “Both our brands, products and messages need to be innovative and unique in order to stand out from everyone else when we're on the world-stage.  This means we need to think differently, act differently and be proud of where we are from, not afraid to think big and push the boundaries.” Stolen Girlfriends Club currently sells its collection to high-end boutiques in thirteen markets around the globe. Although they distribute largely to New Zealand and Australia, the brand is present in destinations as far as Russia, Asia and the Middle East. Steinlager is now sold in twenty countries worldwide, making it New Zealand's biggest export beer. For more information, please see and keep up to date with all the latest news by ‘liking’ the official Facebook