The best bars in Auckland to get an afterwork drink

If you’re seeking a post-work tipple in Auckland City, you have come to the right listicle. We’ve scoured the most populous district in the country to find out who’s serving the coldest brews, the fanciest cocktails and the smoothest wines. Whether it’s Friday knockoffs or a weekday lunch, this is the definitive list of the best after-work bars the city has to offer.


Grab a beer and toast to the end of another working day at MR TOMS. Located on the sunny side of Ponsonby Road, this institution caters to all occasions. If you’re feeling a little peckish, MR TOMS has an extensive, but considered menu boasting simple food done well, so you’ll be well looked after. MR TOMS, 151 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby.

Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill

Want a side of city views with your hearty main of beersies? Look no further than Viaduct’s Harbourside.  Panoramic views, seafood platters, and an extensive drinks menu all point to one thing; an exceptional after work experience. Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill, 99 Quay Street, Auckland CBD.

Headquarters Viaduct

Everyone’s favourite after work YoPro bar has got to be HQ. Headquarters is the bar equivalent of Harry Potter’s Devil's Snare, by which I mean it has the magical ability to constrict and restrain anything in its surrounding environment and force it to stay within its beautiful parameters. Being on the corner site, they’ve maximised the lifestyle vibe with sporting beanbags, retro deck chairs, garden lounge and bar games, making this a pretty unbeatable spot to enjoy a $60 bottle of Moet before sunset. Headquarters, 101 Customs Street West, Auckland.


Wouldn’t be an Auckland bar list without including the bar that nobody can find, right? If you’re into hidden speakeasies then you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to impress colleagues at this little downtown gem. Here’s how you do it: walk into REC bar (is it still called that), nod discreetly at the guy standing to the left of you by the red carpet fence, there will probably be a wait, get a text, walk down the stairs through a door that looks like a primary school janitors closet door. Inside is your slice of prohibition paradise, bespoke cocktails, and a cute little buzz. Congrats! You just found The Caretaker. Caretaker, 40 Customs Street, Britomart.

Mo’s Bar

Not great for a large group, but this little guy is the friendliest bar in town. This corner bar dishes up some of the city’s finest cocktails, beers, wines and cigars and is the perfect post-work pitstop. Mo’s Bar, 5 Federal Street, Auckland.


Sardine bar is a funky little cocktail bar located next door to White+Wong’s. Located right in the heart of the city’s waterfront, boasting a generous outdoor area, and offering an extensive drinks list, makes this an unbeatable spot to perch for a pint after a long, hard day in the office. Sardine, 149 Quay Street, Viaduct, Auckland

Chapel Bar & Bistro

It may be the name (which directly references Melbourne’s most well-known steet), but Chapel Bar is like a little Melbourne corner bar gifted to the Auckland ‘burbs. I’ve never been cool, but it is clear to me that Chapel Bar is the altar of cool. The popularity of Chapel, particularly on a Sunday is simple. The product is seamless and well-rounded; delicious food, relaxed atmosphere, and the vague assumption you’re cool if you drink there. Chapel Bar, 147 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby.