BoConcept collaborates with Juliette Hogan, Evie Kemp & Meadowlark

IMG_0234 Last week we checked out BoConcept’s latest collections and we were impressed with the Danish brand’s new collaborations with Kiwi fashion designer Juliette Hogan, illustrator Evie Kemp, and the jewellery designers from Meadowlark. BoConcept has been designing and manufacturing furniture for over 60 years. They are constantly evolving their products and collaborations with internationally renowned designers each year, the most recent with Oki Sato of the Japanese brand Nendo. BoConcept New Zealand wanted to bring an element of their collaborative process into their retail space, so general manager Jeff Davoren invited three of our very own talented designers to create a space in the BoConcept BLOC showroom, using products from BoConcept alongside their individual collections. We loved Juliette Hogan’s calm, creative work space, with an emphasis on clean and straight lines. It had a touch of masculine hardness, softened by the organic and fluid nature of the chosen fabrics. Evie Kemp’s living space was a visual and sensory delight to be in, inspired by the juxtaposition of theme, space, and texture, including light and dark, hard and soft, and life and death. The bedroom space by Meadowlark took on their signature philosophy, choosing darkness for everything to create density, while also using lots of interesting textures, including a duvet cover with patches by Andrew McLeod. If you want to check out BoConcept | Collaborate to see these spaces for yourself, then head along to the BLOC Showroom (Corner of Enfield & Normanby Road, Mt Eden) before 12th July 2014. Visit BoConcept online here for more information. Words by Isabella Bernal. Photos courtesy of Duncan Innes. [gallery ids="3844,3843,3842"]