Craft your own S'mores at this Auckland eatery!

Junk free Juners - avert your gaze. Auckland’s The Garden Shed has just brought back a campfire classic with a tantalising twist: the Craft-Your-Own Shed S’mores.

True to tradition, this dessert option comes complete with Graham crackers, chocolate ganache and wedges of marshmallow.  You’ll also be served their own makeshift open flame campfire in the form of a plant pot over which you can soften up the marshmellow, until it's all ready to be squished together into a sweet, gooey sandwich.


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And like everything at the Garden Shed, the produce is locally and ethically sourced for faultless freshness (and to rectify any guilt). You'll be enjoying your S'mores in flora and fauna filled surrounds, complete with blankets, a real fireplace and mulled wine drinks menu options.

Not sure about you - but we reckon this cosy experience undoubtedly ticks all the boxes for an idyllic date night, and the ideal winter dessert trend.

The Garden Shed is located at 470 Mount Eden Rd, or to lust over the full menu, browse their website here.