Craving? Here's where to find the healthiest chocolate treats

It's cold, it's rainy and it's downright miserable out there. You're at home stuck inside, flooded with boredom - the only thing to do is to drag yourself over to the pantry one last time in the hope of finding comfort food.

Ahh yes, the common SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It's that time of the year where all we want is a release of endorphins that leave us feeling warm and fuzzy. A bowl of cheesy macaroni, or even better, a mug of self-saucing chocolate pudding, will do the job nicely.

However, there's gotta be some way that we can indulge in some chocolaty treats, without the feeling of guilt. We've found some healthy(ish) places where you can grab a delicious treat, unbutton your pants, and feel absolutely no guilt!

Black and Gold Eatery

Black and Gold eatery, nestled in Rosedale, are known for their array of delicious cabinet treats! This vegan chocolate cake is a sweet treat minus the bad stuff, and just the right size to keep your sugar cravings at level.

Charlie Coco's

The caption says it all... they had us at "refined-sugar free"! Not to mention they have a snickers inspired slice! What else could you want, a ginger crunch? They have that too, oh and a salted caramel slice...

Head up to Orewa to visit its beautiful beaches, paired with a delicious bite from Charlie Coco's . 

The Unbakery

How can treats so sweet possibly be labelled 'guilt-free'? Honestly, we have no idea - but we aren't questioning it! The Unbakery, located in Britomart and Ponsonby, are praised for its clean-treats, and we're in dire need of a gooey almond butter cup!

The Raw Kitchen

Located on Wellesley Street, the Raw Kitchen are providing some of our favourite chocolate imitations, including a Snickers AND a Black Forest cake! Eat your heart out, because it won't do damage (much anyway)...

Mondays Eatery

Monday's Eatery is providing a healthier alternative to an all-time favourite, the Twix bar! With layers of all your favourite textures and tastes, you'll be on a sugar high.

Green Leaf Organics

Green Leaf Organics, despite the name, contains much more than just leafy greens. They provide some pretty devilish sweet treats, full of nutrients and even protein, making it an acceptable post-workout munch!