Five things to love about the sexiest coupe car on the market

Remix NZ Editor Amber was lucky enough to enjoy the spoils of a Mercedes CLA Coupe over Auckland Anniversary weekend. While she's no stranger to the Mercedes fleet, the CLA Coupe was enough to make the concept of 'sex on wheels' ring true. In a heart-racing red, the vehicle had all the bells and whistles of the brand's most luxurious models, but it came with a more youthful and attainable attitude.

Here are Amber's top five things to love about the Mercedes CLA Coupe...


 1. The tech is ridiculously good.

Not only does the CLA Couple boast the almighty AI 'Hey Mercedes' technology (where every wish is your command) but also the birds eye view 360 degree viewpoint on your dash screen while reversing, parking or just while driving makes you feel kind of, invincible. Other features to love included: The Eco-start and stop function, the ambient lighting settings which can take you from feeling like you're inside a cool waterfall to dancing in a Tokyo nightclub, and the silky smooth touchpad in the centre console for navigating literally everything, just screams boujee.


2. If you're distracted and start to drift off centre, the Coupe will shake AND wake you up.

As expected from Mercedes, the car had top of the line safety features, but it was the active brake assist while driving that felt most beneficial for myself and now I don't know how I'll live without it. How does it work? Like most millennials, I often spend a little too long searching for a song on the dashboard or get distracted by a cute canine on the side of the road, it's in these moments that the car naturally drifts off the side of the road and the wheels come into contact with the judder lines. A regular car would just continue in this direction, but the CLA Coupe literally brakes and shakes you into attention. Every time it happened, it was entirely necessary and I was thankful to the sexy red whip for keeping me in line, literally.


3. The old classic combo of comfort & design.

Let's be honest, sporty but sexy is not a look every four-wheel-beast can achieve, but the Mercedes CLA Coupe is like the Cristiano Ronaldo on the road. From the sporty yet luxe seats and panoramic glass electric sunroof to the 19-inch sleek multi-spoke alloy wheels, to the smooth leather interiors.


4. The gearstick is like an indicator, sitting right up by the wheel. 

To some this may seem immaterial, but boy does it make parallel parking easy. Changing gears only needs a literal flick of the finger and WHAM! You're reversing before you know it.


5. It's a Mercedes - can they do no wrong?

Like its trendy peers from the wider fleet, the CLA Coupe came with power, speed and luxury that both myself and my partner loved. Other features worth noting was the clever AI prediction, the Mercedes Me connect which seemed to blend my life together as soon as I strapped in, and an advanced sound system with nine loudspeakers, a subwoofer and booster amplifier that essentially turned me into Ponsonby Road's resident DJ. A terrible one, but a travelling DJ nonetheless.