Turns out there is such thing as a free lunch…

*A free-range lunch, that is. Or breakfast, or dinner, or elevensies, or whatever time of the day you’re hankering for your fresh, on-the-go foodie fix.

As excited as we are to be over the road from one, Pita Pit are excited to announce they’re now making free range chicken and eggs, and free-farmed bacon and ham available in all 113 New Zealand stores. Yes!

While you may be familiar with their delicious Chicken Fala (a Remix favourite), you may not know that Pita Pit’s latest move to free-range and free-farmed ingredients has been in the pipeline for a long time.

You can eat happy knowing that all free-range and free-farmed ingredients have been locally sourced, in an effort to support local producers and encourage ethical farming practices in little old New Zealand.

This paddock to plate philosophy is one adopted by many food outlets, largely due to the rise and rise of the conscious consumer. We millennials want to know about where our food comes from, and Pita Pit’s ‘full disclosure food’ mantra supports just that.

Last year alone, Pita Pit customers chowed down on an estimated 350 tonnes of chicken, 55 tonnes of bacon, and 100,000 eggs, meaning the shift to supporting local free-range farmers will have a massive economic impact. Better for you, and better for our economy? We’re in favour!

All chicken will be sourced from New Zealand farms, while bacon and ham will be sourced from North Canterbury. Each Pita Pit store will source free-range eggs from their local producers, meaning you’ll be directly supporting your local farmers with every Pita Pit purchase.

Since opening doors in New Zealand, Pita Pit has fast become a firm favourite among families and millennials alike, offering a fresher, healthier alternative to your classic calorific, fattening fast food options.

So, forget ducking in to your nearest drive-thru the next time hunger strikes, do yourself a favour and get to your local Pita Pit for your fresh health fix.

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