Ground control to Auckland's new eatery, Major Tom

Sunday brunch has just gotten a whole lot more exciting with the opening of Major Tom, the devious little brother to Auckland's most quirky, inner-city lunch spot, Winona Forever.

Known for their far-from-average dishes that are wholly Insta-worthy, the brains behind the ever-popular cafes Winona Forever, Hello Friends + Allies, and Little Sister, Francesca Mazza and Aaron Carson, have taken their cafe prowess to Auckland's North Shore for the very first time. A move that was so popular, in fact, they’ve already sold out of all their food for a day proving they've shot to become a cult favourite practically overnight. 

We knew this place was going be just as quirky and funky as their counterpart, the name Major Tom itself is inspired than none other than the legendary David Bowie.

The new cafe sits proudly on an Albany corner, and boasts a modern fit-out, with colourful art murals that run the length of the back wall. The solar-powered space gives us all the retro vibes - with old school look-a-like chairs, vibrant blue and purple hues and subtle touches of greenery. 

Those who are firm fans of Winona Forever’s menu and cabinet delicacies will not be let down at Major Tom.

The menu is filled with tonnes of visually pleasing dishes, from the iconic dulce de leche French toast, piled high with caramelised peach, mascarpone, vanilla meringue, and doorstep-wedges of delicately soaked toast, akin to Winona Forever’s ‘The Eton Rifle Pavlova’, to more exotic dishes like a soft shell crab Benedict with red curry hollandaise and broccolini - there's something to suit every palate.

For those who'd rather spend their money on smashed avocado than a home deposit, you’re catered for too! 

In fitting style, feast on their avocado Bruschetta, a black brioche bun lathered in avocado, feta cheese and pomegranate which is accompanied by a poached egg and prosciutto, the perfect Sunday brunch meal to kick off your day.

Major Tom

87 Apollo Drive