Give your home a refresh with this warm colour palette for spring

It’s that wonderful time of year - flowers are beginning to bloom, winter duvets get tucked away, the clocks go forward and the days feel longer. Many people associate spring cleaning with a wardrobe cleanout or kitchen declutter, but spring’s also the perfect time to give your interior a revamp. With spring on our doorstep, it’s time to throw open the doors, organise our spaces and add some much-needed colour! 

In winter, we were all about a moody interior with deep earthy tones that create a cosy atmosphere. However, in contrast, this season exudes bold, bright warmth that wraps around the whole room to create an inviting yet luxury space. It goes beyond the classic pastels associated with spring. It is all about rich, warm hues complemented by lighter tones to create a sense of balance and calmness. These vibrant colour tones create an instant wow factor. Finally, you can make your Pinterest board a reality. If you are looking for a little bit of guidance, we’ve styled spaces using Resene’s trending colour palette guaranteed to inspire your spring interior shake-up. 

 Rigadin bu et with metal top and walnut base, Lovy Hi 3 Seater sofa, all from Bradfords Interiors. Type 80 wall light from CITTA. Versace Treasury decanter, Amber paperweight, Prestige Gala Le Bleu vase, all from Michael Joyce Ltd. Glo table lamp from MATISSE. Books stylist's own.

For some contrast, paint the back wall in RESENE SPACECOTE LOW SHEEN, in RESENE HALF ESKIMO, an icy yet soft foam blue. Separate the front wall with accented stripes in RESENE APPLE BLOSSOM, appearing almost as a terracotta red. You can also try out these colour trends that will change your space as soon as you walk in.


Lock Lounge chair in gold from Bradford Interiors. Stripes lamp by DOMO. 

Try matching your paint colours to your wall lights or shelving for an integrated look. We matched RESENE HALF ESKIMO to the Type 80 wall light for a seamless finish. Treat your wooden floorboards by using Resene COLORWOOD DARK EBONY, an oriental black. Enhancing the colour of the timber will not only allow the natural grain to shine through, but also create the illusion of a larger space. For a pop of colour, opt for an accent piece to add extra depth and panash to the space. Not only will it be a talking point, but it also compliments cooler tones to create a well balanced sanctuary. 

Be sure to always trial your chosen colour in the space you are planning to paint. Luckily testpots are available at the Resene Colourshop to ensure your interior goals can come true. You could even create your own Wes Anderson inspired interior


Rigadin buet with metal top and walnut base from Bradfords Interiors. Type 80 wall light from CITTA. Versace Treasury decanter, Amber paperweight, Prestige Gala Le Bleu vase and service plate all from Michael Joyce Ltd. Glo table lamp from MATISSE. 

While spring cleaning involves clearing space, unleash your inner interior designer by shopping for bold and beautiful decor. Another reason to shop wouldn’t hurt? During the colder months we opt more for curated pieces that can allure coziness and comfort. This is the opportunity to add fun elegant pieces which take inspo from the rich colour hues to create a 360 effect.  

If you haven’t already optimized contrasting with cooler and warmer tones, this is your sign to take the leap and make your space dreamy and decadent.