Introducing Misters: Auckland CBD's delicious new gluten-free eatery

Words and photography by Lauren Matthews from The Kitchen Collective

You’d be straight out of luck if you were wandering through Auckland’s CBD and suddenly had hunger pangs for nutritious fare that staunchly avoids gluten and dairy and satisfies the taste buds. Well, out of luck, until now that is.

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Introducing Misters. The city’s newest addition has only been open a mere few weeks, but is already garnering a troop of loyal followers; the newly renovated space is bustling with inner-city dwellers and suited office workers from dawn well into the late afternoon. Stripped back walls reveal floor-to-ceiling facades of brick, while the living green feature wall adds a welcomed calming effect. Above the sprawling wood counter proudly sits two menus. I’m a fan of the set prices for the breakfast offerings, lunch options and smaller bites. I’m also a fan of the incredibly creative formation of the dishes (not forgetting their menu is completely free of wheat and dairy). But what I’m mostly a fan of, is the way in which Misters even came about.

Owners, Fraser Jamieson and Alex Brayne have been friends since high school, and have lived together for some time, along with their partners. Three of the four have specific dietary requirements, which in turn, lead the group to find inventive ways to incorporate ingredients appropriate for them to eat, while, all importantly, remaining tasty. After more than your average amount of compliments in regards to dishes leaving their kitchen, the duo then began plans to open their own ‘real food’ cafe to cater to the needs of others with similar dietary issues, and, now, here we are. Although don’t shy away if, like me, you can eat anything and everything under the sun. I didn’t miss the addition of cheese or flour, or sugar for that matter, and left feeling surprising full.

For those that like to indulge when they awake from slumber, the griddle cakes are sure impress. Stone ground buckwheat and chia seed griddle cakes are generously topped with either blueberries, coconut yoghurt and nut crumble, or, pure maple syrup, banana and pecan brittle. And the savoury breakfast lineup is just as mouthwatering featuring rolled egg nets with free range bacon with all the trimmings, or for the vegos, balsamic glazed mushrooms, again, with all the trimmings.

Moving on to lunch, the menu easily travels from country to country, featuring inspiration from Japan with their rice don, Mexico with the corn soft shelled tacos and Lebanon with their insanely fresh tabbouleh adorned with either free range beef or pork meatballs or zucchini fritters, finished with tzatziki, traditionally made with yogurt, this decadent version is made out of Cashews, I know. Mind blown.

Along with top notch coffee, faultless smoothies and cold press juices, I can hardly contain my excitement about my new favourite spot to ensure a healthy meal along with exceptional service. And guess what? Contrary to popular belief about these ‘real food’ joints, I’m happy to report I didn’t spot one dread-wearing-henna-tattoo-sporting-in-dire-need-of-a-shower hippy once. 

Visit Misters at 12 Wyndham Street, Auckland Central and on Facebook here.