Nespresso's latest releases take us back in time to prepare us for the day

For those of you out there who are bona fide caffeine fanatics like me, you most likely agree with the notion that a life without coffee is a life hardly worth living at all. The promise of an entire day of energy and good vibes lies in that little morning cup, and that promise in fact comes from tales as old as time. Nespresso’s latest limited edition capsules hark back to the very places and myths our caffeine kicks began. They have ‘encapsulated’ the birthplaces of coffee in these two new flavors.


Arabica Ethiopia Harrar

Let me take you back to the ancient highlands of Ethiopia, where young goat herder Kaldi fell asleep on the job (life before coffee – honestly, awful). His goats wandered off and muched away on mysterious red cherry fruits from some nearby bushes. Kaldi woke to discover his goats leaping and dancing around these bushes – oh, that first-cup feeling! – and tried the fruits himself. A monk passing by witnessed Kaldi and the goats in their happiness, and was suspicious of these strange fruits. He collected all he could find and burnt them, but was surprised by the delicious aromas coming off the fire as the beans came away from the fruit. He saved some of the beans and tried combining them with water, ultimately creating the captivating drink now known as Arabica coffee. 

Nespresso’s Arabica Ethiopia Harrar is intensity 5, with notes of ripe fruits and fresh flowers with a moreish, velvety body, and is of course 100% Arabica from the very region where coffee was first commercialised!


Robusta Uganda

Just as coffee now unites people in trendy cafes for friend catch-ups or first dates, the sacred Robusta bean has a very special traditional meaning for unity in Uganda. Coffee beans were part of a ritual that signified unity and alliance between tribal families – a single coffee cherry would be split, and each of the two beans would be eaten by a representative from each family. The spirit of the beans was then said to connect the two families for eternity in a pact of friendship and loyalty. Just as the spirit of the bean connects me with anyone who brings me coffee for eternity.

The 100% Robusta capsule is sweet, intense and rich in cacao notes. A forever kind of flavour!


Both limited edition capsules can be served espresso or in your favourite milky combo. If you want to get even more creative with these coffee gems, have a crack at the delicious recipes below:


Grapefruit and Thyme Coffee Cocktail

Ingredients: 1 capsule Robusta Uganda, 10ml vanilla syrup, dried thyme leaves, 100ml grapefruit juice, ice.

Pour vanilla syrup into glass. In a cocktail shaker, combine thyme leaves (crushed), grapefruit juice and some ice. Shake, strain and pour into cocktail glass. Make an espresso with Robusta capsule, shake with ice. Pour coffee into glass. Decorate with sprig of thyme and serve.


Banana and Seasame Cappuccino

Ingredients: 1 capsule Arabica Ethiopia Harrar, 10ml banana syrup, milk, 3 tsp dulce de leche, dried banana chips, sesame seeds.

Prepare some milk froth. Mix banana syrup with froth and stir gently. Pour into cappuccino cup. Pour Arabica capsule espresso. Place banana chips on top and sprinkle sesame seeds to decorate.