Overnight at Te Arikinui Pullman Auckland Airport

A few nights ago, I was treated to a lush overnight stay at  Te Arikinui Pullman Auckland Airport, an exquisite blend of cultural richness, unparalleled design, and top-tier hospitality (and I’m being completely honest, it was fab).

Opened by Accor, New Zealand’s leading hotel operator, in December last year, this five-star gem sits within a mere 100 meters from the international terminal entrance - ideal for jet-setters waiting to catch their next flight out of New Zealand or for those fresh off the runway. Now, I won’t lie - this hotel? It’s the epitome of chic. When I pulled up in my car, valet service was immediately provided, sparing me the parking hassle and the trek through the current chilly season. Even before stepping through the grand entrance, the hotel’s stunning architecture had me in awe, with its striking three-pointed star silhouette & the most welcoming staff beckoning me in, I knew that Te Arikinui Pullman was bound to rise as a premier destination in New Zealand's hospitality scene.

To provide a better understanding, the name Te Arikinui’ was given to the hotel by Kiingi Tuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII, the Māori King, holding profound significance. Translating to ‘Supreme Ariki’ or ‘Supreme Paramount Chief’, the name symbolises the essence of leadership and reverence.  Designed by the visionary architects Warren and Mahoney, this hotel pays homage to the rich heritage of the Tainui waka community with breathtaking cultural design elements meticulously woven into every corner. From the intricate stone and timber panels to the exquisite fabric wall coverings, these details captivate your attention the moment you step inside.

After checking in, I was warmly welcomed by a lovely woman named Edith, who kindly invited my partner and me to dine on the top floor. Helmed by renowned chef, Nancye Pirini, Te Kaahu (the name of the restaurant) and boasting a carefully crafted menu showcasing the best of Aotearoa's culinary treasures (ie all the best seafood I could have imagined!), I couldn’t wait to settle in and indulge.


Lucky for us, our table was right by the floor-to-ceiling window, treating us to a view of planes gliding in and out of the airport throughout the night. Mariya, our lovely waitress, guided us through the three-course menu, with our final choices being the creamed paaua tart, fried bread, heirloom tomatoes, and to finish off, the finest feast bowl - packed with the most delectable crab, prawns, tua tua clams and corn on the cob, floating in the yummiest cajun spiced seafood broth.

The food was insane, the paaua tart and fried bread were the perfect entrees to get us started and made me feel right at home (my Māori papa would have been stoked). Waiting for the feast bowl almost made me feel like a child waiting for Christmas, we were so excited. We could smell the food before it arrived, which was the first sign we had made the right choice. Not only did the dish look and taste divine (highly recommend), it was accompanied by warm garlic bread and a chic finger-washing bowl complete with freshly squeezed lemon, adding a touch of true pamper to our dining experience - I felt like a bit of a princess and I loved it. 

Named, ‘Te Kaahu’, this culinary gem welcomes all - so whether you're a guest or simply seeking an exceptional dining experience, I highly recommend stopping here for a delicious meal.


To complement the delicious food, we were also treated to a few cocktails, with a stand-out being the ‘lemon lime biscuit’. This drink was a revelation, unlike anything I’d tasted before - with a blend of gin, house-made lemon-limecello, hazelnut essence, and a decadent Biscoff biscuit topping, it was a bit of a flavour explosion giving tangy, fresh, and sweet all-in-one sip. After dinner, we made our way to our room where a bed fit for a queen awaited (nothing like the fresh white bed covers of a hotel bed). To get into the full hotel experience, I convinced my partner to twin with me in our matching white robes and slippers and of course, convinced him to order room service - because what’s a hotel stay without a little room service extravagance, am I right?


After a rejuvenating sleep, the hotel kindly invited us to attend the breakfast buffet before leaving. Pottering up to the top floor again, we were greeted with a delightful array of delectable breakfast options, from fluffy scrambled tofu and eggs to tempting chia seed puddings and an abundance of fresh fruits (lots of options for vegetarians or vegans if you’re asking!). As we enjoyed our morning meal, the daytime view through the windows was even better than at night, with the sun casting its warmth throughout the breakfast lounge and the perfect view of the international runway at the eye. Also - a special shout out to the head chef, who was so funny and made us some of the best tea’s to take away.

Staying at Te Arikinui Pullman Auckland Airport was truly such a lovely experience and I couldn’t recommend a stay there more. The hotel boasts a range of amenities, including a gym (which we didn’t get the chance to visit but is ideal for guests wanting to stay active), meeting rooms on the top floor and a chic cafe and eatery in the lobby - an ideal spot for bites and coffee on the fly. Perfectly positioned for travellers, Te Arikinui Pullman Auckland Airport Hotel offers unrivalled convenience for those seeking proximity to Auckland International Airport, whether for an early morning flight or a late-night return.

Book your stay now at PULLMANAUCKLANDAIRPORT.COM - from one happy guest to the next.