'Remix get Ripped': Isabelle Truman & CXWORX

Winter’s here but that doesn’t mean it’s all comfy pants and cheat eating, and we at Remix are determined to prevent the summer months (read: beach attire) from surprising us. Instead, we’re hitting up Les Mills for a regular dose of motivation via their international group fitness classes.

I’ve been a member of Les Mills for YEARS now, so long in fact that it’s seriously embarrassing swiping my membership card at the gym entry and seeing an eager 18-year-old uni student version of me pop up on the screen. 

After being a Les Mills regular for so long, I’m already pretty familiar with the different things on offer at the gym, but even after all of these years, I can’t go past their group fitness classes. 

My personal favourite, and the most important for (attempting to get) those washboard summer abs, is CXWORX. CXWORX is a quick half-hour workout focussed specifically on the core! You’d think half an hour just working abs sounds like a piece of cake, but trust me, by track two you’ll be eating your words. We’re talking an entire track of planks and sit-ups here, people!


The best part about CXWORX is that although it’s focussed on core, there’s also tracks that work your gluteal muscles at the same time – and just as well. A toned tummy and butt? That’s right.

If you want to give CX WORX (or any of the other Les Mills classes) a go, head here for the gym timetables.