Seven beaches close to Auckland that don’t have millions of people

I always have and always will have a love-hate relationship with beaches. Yes, the idea of a frolicking in the sand and getting an astonishing tan is great, and yes, the sound of waves crashing gently is sonically pleasing, and sure, the notion of swimming in the sea is a vision, but I hate the sand, I don’t tan and other beachgoers are an absolute nuisance.

There’s something about these people when the sun hits them, that makes them lose all sense of self. We all love an egg-sandwich... but at the beach? Sundried egg-sandwiches have a strong and unusual smell guys, and I don’t take them to the beach as a matter of respect. 

Anyway… I’ve got off-topic here The anger has gotten to the better of me, what I wanted to tell you was that if you hate any of the above as much as me, here are seven beaches that aren’t Omaha: 

Raglan (South) 

Look I’m not claiming to reinvent the wheel here, and if I’m honest, Raglan on a sunny day still has a s*** tonne of people, but their all friendly surfer shakas who definitley do not arrive with egg sandwiches in tow. There’s also something about the rugged black sand that really makes you feel like you’re venturing out to some undiscovered secret, A++. 

Te Arai (North) 

Omaha wishes it was Te Arai, but then again, the thing that makes this place so bloody spesh is the fact that there are no houses. Great for surfing and lounging, I’d go as far as to say this is one of NZ’s best beaches. 

Forestry (North) 

Forestry is as wholesome as it sounds. Close to Te Arai but even more secluded, also a great spot for a surf or a little boogie-board if you’re that way inclined. On some days, this place is so empty you could probably whip out your Ultimate Ears and blast Rebecca Black’s Friday on repeat to the chagrin of absolutely no one. 

Whatipu Beach (West) 

As a general rule, the further West you go, the less busy the beaches tend to be. Piha? Fahgetaboutit, you can barely swing an axe without hitting some half-pissed punter. But at Whatipu, you’ll be able to find a spot away from the masses

Waipu Beach (North)

I don’t actually think you could reasonably consider this as being close to Auckland… but regardless, Waipu Beach is dank and the McLeod’s Pizza Barn? Phenomenal. Definitely worth the day trip. 

Shakespeare Regional Park (North-Eastish) 

This little gem is only 40 minutes from the city, and sports some pretty stellar view of the Hauraki. There’s also a walk if thats the kind of thing you do for fun. 


Langs Beach 

I get a bit nervous suggesting beaches North of Walkworth incase in case someone gets chomped by a Great White and I get sued to the high heaven but Langs is too good not to. It's also very excluded etc etc etc but I'll shut up now.