What all successful CEOs have in common

Truth be told, there is no step-by-step handbook leading you towards the path to success - if only it were that easy. However, we have discovered that all CEO's have these five things in common. Whether or not you're on your way to becoming a project owner or just looking for that sprinkle of inspo, this list will be your best friend.

  1. Know the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. A fixed mindset revolves around the idea that one's character and intelligence is static and predetermined from birth. People with fixed mindsets find success by seeking validation of their traits. A growth mindset believes that one's character and intelligence can be shaped continuously through new experiences, challenges and failure. Alternatively, people with growth mindsets find success in learning and thriving.
  2. Know what social media mistakes could cost you. Posting unprofessional material, having no social media presence and not filtering past posts could cost you. Who you are on a social platform is who you are to the millions of people on their phone who won't get the chance to meet you in person. 
  3. Carry no fear and doubt. Fear and doubt can become the reason why you never started your big business idea or followed a certain career path. CEO of Health-Ade, Diana Trout preaches, "I've learned that the faster I can let go of fear or doubt that doesn't serve me, the more success I see. There are risks and courage I have to grow into every day."
  4. Find your Fairy God Mother, aka find yourself a mentor. This can be anyone who you're inspired by who is in a place where you'd want to be in X amount of time. Spend time with them, catch up for coffee and learn off them.
  5. Persevere. Fall eight times and get up nine they say! Success comes to those who keep knocking at the door until one opens!
  6. Say a simple thank you. Being appreciative of everyone around you fosters loyalty, creates meaningful relationships and makes you a nice person- it's that easy.

photo credit: mylola.com