The most beautiful plant-covered buildings in the world

There’s something about plant-covered buildings that ignite our inner senses and attraction. For some reason looking at a coordinating duo of natural flora and man made architecture is so aesthetically pleasing. There’s nothing more delightful than gazing upon a whimsical autumn branch entangled around a classic brownstone Brooklyn townhouse or bunches of lavender-toned wisteria drooping over a Parisian facade. The ultimate bridging of humankind and nature has been showcasing the fascinating exterior of homes across the world. The photogenic locales have become enviable insta-inspiration. From Morocco to New York, these are the most beautiful plant-covered buildings ever.


Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York City


London, United Kingdom


Holland Park, London


London, United Kingdom


Montreal, Quebec


London, United Kingdom




San Francisco, United States


Strasbourg, France


The Masons Arms, London


The Zetter Townhouse, London


Brooklyn Heights Historic District, NYC


Marylebone, London


Kensington, London


Pacific Heights, San Francisco, United States




London, United Kingdom


Images sourced from Vogue Australia