These cool-girl fitness classes will be huge in 2018

Sick of slogging it out on the treadmill? Dreading your date with dumbbells? You're not alone. 

Our pursuit of optimum health and fitness no longer needs to be a chore, thanks to the slew of new and noteworthy fitness classes taking the country by storm. 

Whether you're keen to get in touch with your wild side, bounce around like a cartoon character, or challenge gravity, we're predicting these seven cool-girl fitness classes are going to be huge in 2018

Pound Fitness

Got a keen sense of rhythm? Love good music? Then Pound Fitness may be the perfect workout for you. New Zealand's first ever Certified Pound Pro Instructor Amy Finlayson has established a Tauranga-based studio where fitness rebels release their inner rock stars in a full-body workout that fuses cardio, conditioning and strength-training with yoga and Pilates-based movements. Suitable for all fitness levels, Pound uses Ripstix (lightly weighted drumsticks) to transform the act of drumming to a sweat-inducing workout. Expect to burn up to 900 calories per hour as you strengthen and sculpt muscles you never knew you had (all while improving your hand-eye coordination!). 

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Drawing inspiration from primal movements from the animal kingdom, you should expect to crawl, lunge and roar your way through a sweat-soaked 20 minutes of ZUU. Not for the faint-hearted, ZUU will get your pulse racing and instinct raging. Designed by Australian fitness guru Nathan Helberg, ZUU is HIIT at its finest, and recruits primal movements - push, pull, bend, twist, squat, lunge and locomotion in a fast-paced class that blasts up to 300 calories in less than half an hour. Each class works to develop your mobility, agility, flexibility and boosts your cardio endurance. Loved by elite athletes the world over, this is fast fitness at its finest. 

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Kangoo Jumps

Fancy making like Tigger and bouncing your way to a fitter, healthier you? Then consider Kangoo Jumps your out-of-the-box option. Strapping on your Kangoo Jumps, which resemble roller-blades except with a half-moon shaped rebound base, meaning you'll bounce with every step. Expect to get your heart racing as you jump your way through their choreographed routine during a group class! Kangoo Jumps are suitable for any age and fitness level, and are totally safe on ankles and joints. 

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RISE Hip Hop Yoga 

Your Saturday just got a whole lot funkier, and not just for obvious reasons. From one hour on Saturday mornings, you can downward dog, back bend and warrior 1 yourself to a more lithe physique, all while listening to the best hip hop hits from the 90s onwards. Parnell's RISE offers Hip Hop Yoga classes once a week to budding and experienced yoginis alike. You're in for one hell of a sweat session (as Deputy Editor Ash discovered recently), while you improve your flexibility, mindfulness, and coordination. Not to mention learning all the words to "Gangstas Paradise"... 

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Aerial Silks 

 Defy gravity by taking your workout to dizzying new heights at Aracnation Aerial Fitness. The anti-gravity class is a circus element and hugely popular globally. During your session you can expect to learn aerial skills, core-conditionings, strengthening, and flexibility, in a fun and friend environment. Using two pieces of fabric suspended mid-air, you'll gain the strength to climb, wrap, pose, swing, drop and fly your way to fit. 

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If interval training is totally your thing, then consider adding to your weekly exercise regimen. Burn fat and tone up while you exercise on one of their trampolines, with an experienced instructor to guide you through this fun alternative to sweating it out in the gym. Employing both cardio fitness and body strength exercise, this low-impact workout is easy on your joints, improves lymphatic drainage and balance and coordination. 

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Image credit: Kirsty Godso for NIKE