Where science meets sleep

We all know the importance of good nights sleep, but how often do you look to your pillow as the cause of your restless night? Loved by chiropractors, doctors, travellers, muscle therapists and good ol’ regular Kiwis, Hyoumankind pillows are the sensation sweeping the nation. 

What are they? An incredibly diverse range of specialist pillows, like the Go Pillow that can be integrated into so many aspects of your life, from yoga to travel and even injury rehab. These unique pillows have everyone asking ‘where has this been all my life?’.

Lightweight with advanced memory foam and with a multitude of accessory options, there is a pillow for every need. Are you a back sleeper? There’s a pillow for that. In need of lower body support? There’s another one for that. Designed in tune with the human body and scientifically developed in advanced materials to align with the latest sleep science, the four pillow types and accessories allow you to rejuvenate and restore your mind, body and spirit.

In the spirit of selfcare and indulgence, here’s your timely reminder that sleep (next to SPF), is the most underrated beauty investment. The proof is in the mirror after a poor night’s shut-eye: undereye bags and circles, droopy lids, lines and lacklustre skin. 

Sleep is also when the most important skin processes take place at a cellular level, like collagen production (AKA the fountain of youth). Hyoumankind’s advanced memory foam Go Pillow and pure, 100 percent Silk Pillowcases are the ultimate beauty sleep duo, ensuring you never skimp on quality sleep.

Take it from the experts, even dermatologists recommend sleeping on silk to protect the delicate skin on your face against the formation of wrinkles and to protect the integrity of your hair.